The Art of Conversation … and?

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The Art of Conversation and Comments?

The other day Sadje, created this post “Bloggingโ€” Is likingย enough?, which as a subject matter we are all too aware of – basically when readers just like for the sake of liking. Now of course there are sometimes valid reasons why readers simply just like and don’t interact and engage with the writer ranging from shyness to lack of time, to displaying loyalty to a blog without actually having to stop by and linger to comment or engage in conversation and it is their way of simply saying hello.

Of course there are those others still who seem to be a little over zealous in their support and multiclicklike 20 times in the space of a minute and simply don’t bother to engage at all, not just hardly ever, but sometimes never ever.

That is quite beyond me at times, and yes l know l have said that in the past, but it doesn’t make it any less true – however, if a reader likes a bulk of posts all at once, it’s very rare that l am going to visit the offender’s site – l don’t tend to play that game.

Let’s all be honest, time is always of the essence in not just blogging but everything we engage with in our day to day lives. Basically time is always in short supply and quite often when we need it the most, but we shouldn’t abuse time either, and l think that to like twenty plus posts all at once is abusing everyone’s time, including the multiliker who although may well feel compelled or obligated to be hitting the like button as frequently as they do. They could use that time to perhaps genuinely read a post and engage. This is WordPress, not Facebook or Twitter where multi liking for the sake of multi liking is more than acceptable behaviour.

I know that some people have unfollowed me in the past for the quantity of my daily post output, and that’s fine, but l do travel by a few rules of my own also …

*l never unfollow anyone unless there is bloody good reason for doing so,

*l do not use the reader on a frequent regular basis because l have my own system in place for my readers and once every 11 days l visit my regular readers. It may sound boring and unadventurous but it works and it saves time and increases productivity which is important to me – I use the reader about 1% weekly preferring my own inhouse system of navigation.

*I try to engage with my readership as much as l am able to, participate in community prompts as often as l can, and interact in as much conversation as is available to me each and every day. When l can, l will run dedications to my readers so that they know that even if not there visiting, l am thinking of them. I also try to share content from my readership to my own blog. I don’t do it as often as l use to, but usually now l try to achieve between 1 – 3 shares per day of content.

*I switched off 95% notifications. I now receive daily like many of you all l should imagine via WP perhaps 3000+ notifications which is way more manageable than when l was receiving close to 9K per 24 hours.

*I have my email set up now to splt those and three times a day, l empty and delete all WP notifications – l will take a cursory glance and if anything appeals will skim the content quickly and see if that is something that is viable for a comment and take it from there. Before l go to bed nightly, my email is clear.

Why do l do these things? No different to anyone else, we all have to master our time and especially as our blog evolves into a much bigger entity, because then time becomes a focused commodity.

*I read between 5 – 7 specific blogs per day at 15-20 minutes per time. Depending upon the size of the posts l am reading.

*l will like only what l have read, and respond where l can. I don’t like anything l haven’t read as l consider that rude and insultive to the creator, but equally how can l just like content l have not yet read? Say if there is something in there that l don’t agree with?

*I try to leave at least 1 -2 worthy conversational, constructive, supportive or understanding comments to the posts l am reading in my allotted time- if there is nothing of any value to say but l liked the content that’s when l hit like.

*I may stay longer than the allocated time if the content l am reading requires that. So whilst l am quite fixed, l still have a certain amount of flexibility to play with.

*I try to increase my regular readership monthly but each and every time l do that, like everyone else we have to find more time.

*Also, l am working dilligently on producing more qualitable content that hopefully will encourage and enthuse readers to leave more comments which in turn could and would entice conversation. But that is always a work in progress.

*Of the posts l publish daily, many of them are reblogged from the previous day so as to achieve a full 24 hour coverage. Despite how it may appear, l never really exceed my maximum of 11 per day and sometimes even fall short of my daily target of 8. I try to write 3 prime content posts a day with a maximum of 5, whilst the rest is internal reblog or external share.

But that is what l do and it’s what makes me tick, not everyone else is like that – it always comes down to your personal time management as well as l should imagine as to how each person has their WP reader/emails/notifications and follows established as a guideline that works for them.

I still struggle to get it completely right, l work to to try and achieve a balance – a balance that works for me and works out well for the receiving bloggers, but by Jimiddy Cricket tis hard work.

If you haven’t read Sadje’s post, then l do recommend checking it out and leaving a comment if you feel so inclined on the subject of Liking.

However, this post isn’t about ‘Liking’, it is about Conversation and Comments and is there a difference between the two, and if there is, what do you think it is?

I mean are you content to receive small comments relevant to the post in general “Great Post!” “I agree!” “etc, etc,” or are you looking for more in-depth quality engagement from your readership?

Writing a much fuller response takes time, where as of course a quick like may be sufficient or a reminder that a reader may return at a later time to respond. We also mustn’t forget the genuine readers who are just dropping a like as a hello … again usually a time restraint, but that aside ..

What do you regard as more fulfilling and ‘acceptable’ considering the length of your time you have probably taken to create the post in the first place?

Detailed or basic conversational comment, which is your preferred response to receive or is it unimportant to you?

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23 thoughts on “The Art of Conversation … and?

  1. I don’t really have a preference. I can usually tell who is liking because they’re a regular reader and who’s being spammy and just trying to get me to notice them. Formulating comments requires a certain amount of mental energy, and I certainly don’t have the mental energy to spare to comment on all of the posts I read, which I think is why I don’t have any expectations/preferences around how people engage with my blog.

    1. Ha ha very true on the mental energy Ashley, valid point, at my own concession l have sometimes looked at a post with regards to responding and then though Ewk mekhurur what on earth do l write ๐Ÿ™‚

      My mind goes blank.

      1. If I did one post a day, it would make easier for people to read and comment. The law of average says that there will the same number of comments in a day. One post or many( my own theory)

        1. Well l don’t know, l have found strangely enough the more content l publish the more comments l receive, l don’t think there is any specific formula to it. I have read countless articles about it.

          Some say you MUST be niche, or you MUST be business or you MUST do this or you MUST do that lol. Yet l have seen bloggers with enormous numbers of followers who claim all sorts of things and yet their numbers of likes and comments are quite minimal. There is a theory that you only need to post once a day, but l guess it comes down to what content you are posting.

          It’s a funny old world eh ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Your blog is your personal space, so what content we decide to produce is down to us all each and every one of us individual – when we are being dictated to as to what qty we publish daily is when we have a problem. people will read or not read ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. True. But when I write something good or moving or that I want others to read and it doesnโ€™t generate any interest, then I think if I post just one post a day, it will be better received

        1. There is no fixed understanding to it Sadje, l can write in a series each and every day – let’s say I Just Wanted To Say post my first official post for the day [as in not an overnight reblog] and by the end of the day that can reflect anywhere between 18 – 26 comments on a good day and yet some days it is as low as 12. I wonder if that is time related or if it is content related.

          The bigger problem is that people find it easier to actually like rather than communicate and as Ashley answered above, commenting requires mental energy and many people are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of date and data available ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love receiving comments, don’t we all? I dont expect them though. If someone is leaving a comment I want it to be because my post stirred a thought in them. It can even be an unrelated thought.

    When I get a “nice post” I take it as a big “like”, or a regular saying hello.

    Pretty much whatever readers want to do is okay. I still spend more time on other blogs than my own. Its probably why my following is still so small…around 200, and a vast majority of those are closed down or bots.

    1. Hey Grandma, nice response ๐Ÿ™‚

      However more depth, thanks for the insight to how you look at the responses you receive – so thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. “3000+ notifications which is way more manageable than when l was receiving close to 9K per 24 hours”….oh my Rory! You really have a very serious system in place since you manage to write, be an active blogger and reading and interacting with the others!
    Honestly I’m not sure if people just like my posts without reading, that will be sad…one time I have received a comment from one follower that said that even if no comments but he liked it means he read it…and I’m fine with that!
    I guess we are all struggling with time management but I always prefer to have genuine readers that interact! I guess this makes blogging fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey Ribana, Time and the management of is one of the most critical players in our day to day of everything – we all struggle with it, tweaking it, making the most from it that we can ๐Ÿ™‚

      I used to wish l had more time, but we don’t we all have a certain amount per day – l have just learned to accept and adopt the time l have and work it more to my advantage – making time work for me and me not being a slave to time itself ๐Ÿ™‚

      Above everything our prime concern would be to enjoy the time we have – whatever that time might be ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Exactly Rory! You said it perfectly right! Our prime concern would be to enjoy the time we have! And you are right! We have to make time work for us and not us being a slave! I hope I’ll find the way to do it too ๐Ÿ™‚

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