Of Our Yesterday,


Of Our Yesterday,

Of late, l oft ask myself, almost daily,


Is it that simple?

What’s done is done,

Like it doesn’t matter,


Is that so?

That the lost dawns of yesterday,

Are merely seen as waters under a bridge,

Is it broken?

Can they pass freely?

Is it that simple for some?

That no one pays heed to the lost fun,

Of times that could have been,

But never were?

That those days, now gone forever,

To never been seen again,

Are irrelevant?

Is this so, if so, how so?

That too much became too much,

And now it’s being swept under the rug,

Missing snippets, of comfort,

Love and hugs,

That weren’t there, when they should have been!

Expressions and emotions,

Angers and depressions,

Sadness and aggressions,

The outspoken and the unspoken.

Why is this so, that we are simply to forgive and move on,

Broken peoples, lost loves,,

No compassions?

That this yes THIS is all now been smoothed over,

It never happened,

It matters not!

Life is unaccountable, since when?

When did it become alright to simply,

Accept it, accept those moments from back then,

With no cries of alarm,

Or even calls to action.


How and why?

What’s done is done,

Just waters under a bridge,

Too much has happened,

We cannot turn back the hands of time,

It’s just history now,

Just ancient history,

Just another day,

Like tomorrow, or today,

Or even of our Yesterday.

© Rory Matier 2018


13 thoughts on “Of Our Yesterday,

    1. Thank you – l think it could mean something different to many people, as it is reflective on a number of issues – that we are seemingly having to simply accept.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post summed up with a picture so perfectly. That poor little teddy totally encapsulated your words. It really added depth

    1. Yes, l think so too.

      I am lost in a lot of thoughts of recent times Britchy. That things are ‘to be accepted and forgiven’ and l know we are supposed to be adult about things – but that doesn’t mean we ‘just’ accept it, like it is no proble,m.

      It is a problem.

      1. Sometimes you can forgive but not forget. There’s a need to remember to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Drawing a line and moving on is good for our own sanity – but putting a wall of “forget” on that line leaves us wide open to more hurt.
        Forward with eyes open is the only way to go

  2. It reflect what a lot of people go through when they have been hurt and no recompense or apology was offered. Instead the mantra of forgive and forget is repeated all the time. We all have our emotions to deal with and forgiveness doesn’t press the delete or undo button.

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