It’s The Little Things …….


….. That can make the biggest difference!

Have you ever wondered about the little things in life? Three little things that don’t cost you anything, that in the great scheme of things are nothing, but they can make the biggest difference to someone.

2.52 am

I can’t sleep tonight,

That’s wrong, it’s early morning,

Should be deep

In slumber, and yet l’m not even yawning,


Sitting here, thinking, about life,

And how fast it goes; one minute becomes too quick an hour,

A blink, and it’s passed your eyes,

Another and you’ve hit a year,


Time isn’t getting any faster,

It’s just me, l’m getting older,

By the second, thinking about the thereafter,

The ticking of a thousand clocks, and thinking of closure,

Of a life.


It’s the little things that have caught the attention of my brain,

The thoughts are attached like a tumour,

Not the first time these thoughts, have swirled within my domain,

And not the last time that they will adhere,


To my thinking,

A smile is but a mere second,

Costs nothing, achieved without even blinking,

………….. and yet, it’s got me to guessing.

That for some, that simple little thing leaves some cringing.


A laugh, is another simple thing, a break from the mundane,

An expression, and emotion,

That so many feel the need to abstain,

Or shy away from like it’s a disastrous commotion,


And a thank you, is such a small little thing,

Yet how often do we hear it in today’s fast world?

Another that can be achieved without even blinking,

But so many smiles are left unfurled.


Such little things, no longer than the ticking seconds on the clock,

They alone can make someone’s day,

A smile, a laugh and a thank you, all within the whisper of the o’clock,

But that courtesy has gone, far, far away.

© Rory Matier 2018

12 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things …….

  1. Lovely poem Rory. I say Thank you to people all the time and their eyes half bug out of their head like I said something strange and weird.


  2. Great sentiments, these three things can have such a huge impact on our own life view and that of others, so thank you Rory (said with a smile) for this post 🙂

  3. So true are your words. I moved from SA to Belgium. Here when you greet someone in the street they look like you must be crazy.

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