Infused Waters+ – Salted Caramel

Tanya, writes an excellent post here on the benefits of drinking infused water – unsure what that is? Then read on. Suze and l have had fruit infused water in our lives for about five years now, we also include herbs which really adds to the freshness .

Infused Waters+

14 thoughts on “Infused Waters+ – Salted Caramel

      1. Yes! Lemon & lime in sparkling water tastes like sprite. Sometimes I had just a splash of agavae nectar just for that little somethin’ somethin’ 🙂

            1. Yep, very, very much so and a great way to drink your water for the day, because usually you don’t have to redo the fruits used on the second go, but most assuredly l would by the third refill 🙂

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