Habitually Speaking … ?

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Habitually Speaking  –

What are three of your negative habits that you wish you could or are trying to lose or at least change for the better?

Equally, what three positive habits could you introduce to your life to enhance it?

We all have habits, every single one of us! In many ways we are indeed creatures of habit, l know l am and for most of this year l have very deliberately set out to specifically change , break my negatives and introduce more positive habits into my life. I think when you can introduce a ‘positive habit’ to your life it encourages you to seek out more. The more negativity we have in our lives with ‘poor or bad habits’, only proves detrimental to our energies.

Bad Habits l have tossed over my shoulder this year alone.

Smoking –

l was a hard core smoker for nearly 40 years of my life, starting with the pipe at 17 and working my way through cigars, cigarettes and finishing up with hand rolling cigarettes. I quit 9 weeks ago, and although l am vaping, at least l can say l have kicked the habit of smoking tobacco.

Coffee Drinking –

At one point in 2014 l was drinking 20 cups of coffee a day! I gradually started to decrease that downwards from 2015 for many reasons, mostly health. Today l drink four cups a day of Chicory coffee. I have been on this new system for about a month now.

Sugar –

I have a sweet tooth and not just one! However although since 2015 l have been using Xylitol [sugar substitute made from wood], in the last month, l have reduced my sugar intake remarkably. Yes for health, but also because l need to start respecting my ageing body more. I now only have a quarter teaspoon of sugar in my coffee and occasional tea, which is a vast improvement from a heaped t/spoon at the start of this year.

Sweets/Candies –

I have stopped eating sweets/candies for two months now. I hardly have anything sweet anymore.

White Meat –

I am now a pescatarian – meaning l only eat fish, and have been like this for around 4 months now.I gave up red meat 2014.

Online Gaming –

I was an online gamer of some serious hourage from 2004 – 2019, l unsubscribed my games, and uninstalled them from my old machine and have not reinstalled to the new system. The last time l played an online game was in May.

Watching Television –

I could watch films/Netflix for a good portion of the day whilst working with my computers, but since moving to the smaller space and offloading the distraction of a large screen television on my desk l no longer watch the box that often. It was a huge nasty distraction and now that it has gone, l no longer have the temptation to simply flick something on. Suze and l tend to watch 60 minutes of television a day after dinner. we had initially thought of having the TV screen in my own space for chillout viewing before l went to bed, but we decided against that, opting to leave her space for conversations only, a much better wind down.

Going to Bed Late –

Knocked this on the head five weeks ago! Was slowly reverse engineering my body clock from the all nighters to 4am, back to 3,2,1am. Now l go to bed no later than midnight on the latest but usually am in bed by 11.30pm, and now get up at around 6 -7am every day. I feel much better for it too.

Procrastination –

I no longer serve procrastination, my time now serves me in full productivity. Been working this new system for about three weeks and it feels much better.

Good Habits I Have adopted this year alone.

Apart from the positive effects of those listed above …..

Being more positive daily

Laughing more – l laugh a lot anyway, but now l deliberately seek out reasons to laugh more!

Seek out positivity from others.

Promoting more positivity.

Going outside during the day more.

Listen to music each and every day for at least 9 hours.

Work on my creative mind.

Work on increasing my confidence.

Spend more time focusing on writing and working my business.

Wear clothing that does me more justice [as in not the wrong colours]

Take more smaller risks again.

Dance for 15 minutes a day.

Studying to improve my life options and choices.

Reading way more than normal to keep my brain healthy

Repeat a mantra daily.

Focusing on becoming more community and charitably orientated.

Speak to the Universe more and trust my instincts more.

……..actually the list just goes on and on.

I am working through all the negative habits l have/had and turning them upside down.

BUT ….

This is me, what about you?

What are three of your negative habits that you wish you could or are trying to lose or at least change for the better?

Equally, what three positive habits could you introduce to your life to enhance it?


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12 thoughts on “Habitually Speaking … ?

  1. Great post! Very inspiring and yay for you! 😀

    As far as me, the negatives and positives are on the same coin.

    1. N) Stop finding excuses not to exercise. P) Exercise!

    2. N) Stop wasting time reading the news so often. P) Write more!

    3. N) Stop feeling the need to justify doing what I need to do and explaining about it, which gives people the chance to criticize, etc. P) Just do the things!

    1. Hey Paula 🙂 Hope you are having a great Tuesday.

      Good on you and well done.

      I also need to exercise more, and l am working on that, hence trying to find out what l can do with regards my shoulder and try and get back into walking more. I used to walk for miles, but with the shoulder and the demise of Scrappy’s twice daily routine, this has led to both Suze and myself doing way less than we should.

      Yes, l also tend to steer clear of the news also. In the morning over breakfast before opening the blog, l now read five main stories on MSN, then switch off.

      The last on your list absolutely spot on, feel the same way, l am done trying to justify what l do, l just do it now. People will either like it, lump it or walk away 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Procrastination is a big one. I’ve stopped trying to “find” time and started “making” time. It’s about priorities.

    I’ve started walking again. It’s good for the body and the mind. Sunset is a beautiful time to be in nature, even if it’s in the middle of the city.

    My sweet tooth is a monster. “Cookies and candy and cake and junk and stuff…” a movie quote I’ve lived by. I’m reducing. The walking will help that too. Exercise battles the sweet tooth monster.

    I plan to de-clutter. A project that will start in earnest probably October. Can’t do too much in the heat and with King Ben around. I’m starting small now.

  3. Excellent post, Rory! You really have tackled quite a bit in the last year! You should be very proud of yourself!!!
    Since April, I’ve cut a lot of sugar out of my diet… I too have a sweet tooth, but I noticed it was accelerating my anxiety. Since that change… No more anxiety/panic attacks.
    I did try walking, but to me, that is an epic fail. My back and knees are in such bad shape, that the walking is actually making it feel worse.
    Another successful think I accomplished was decluttering. I had too. Again, another reason for my anxiety peaking. I packed up certain items, reorganized others, and now my bedroom is more zen-like.
    Granted, the next item is something I have worked on for the last 4 years… My 4th year of sobriety is tomorrow, plus as of last week… I no longer have my therapist.
    Although my life was so different years ago, I’m ecstatic that I kept moving forward and tried to think positively.
    We are all a work in progress and should be truly proud of the milestones we accomplish!!!

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