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Gert has written and published an intriguing post about the very subject that l have raised questions to today and Sadje did earlier this week – one aspect leapt out at me …. Is WordPress dead?

What do you think? Pop along and please read Gert’s post and comment.

Blogging is now a Facebook page for likes

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  1. Rory, I, for one, do NOT think that WP is dead. I know that it is treated like FaceBook in many instances, myself included. But there are SO many people here, sincere people, that take their writing seriously and come here to share, learn, inspire, etc. I have gained a ton of knowledge through my WP friends and gained friendships that are valued along the way too. To me, this is a place to express myself, to learn, share and laugh. I’ve had a few bad experiences with WP, as I’m sure the majority of people have. But overall the good FAR outweighs the bad. So no, I don’t think WP is dead and I certainly hope it has no plans in dying!! 🙂

    1. Hey Penny – l totally agree with you and left a comment to Gert’s post of exactly the same message – WP is far from dead 🙂

      WP is as alive as the thoughts and the minds of the writers and readers who breathe life into it every second of every day 🙂

  2. I commented there. It’s easy enough to ignore what you dislike. There are loads of bloggers who actually read the posts and comment appropriately. Just don’t follow back the copypasters!

      1. Rory! Hope all is well on your end my friend. I have been alright, I was off of WordPress for awhile due to my job with a lot of traveling. A lot has been going on I will share everything on some of my new posts! Stay tuned! 😎

  3. I actually wrote many posts about it. I was surprised to know that even here people don’t want to read, they want followers and likes, most of them!
    I interacted with many and all what I got is ignoring my comment, or my comment in spam,or a like to my comment!
    I have many people that like my post 2 seconds after it was published while the post needs 5 to 7 minutes to properly read it
    It’s not about WordPress, it can be any platform, it’s about people! They need a successful blog but they don’t want to read, they confuse WP with social Media and this is their biggest mistake
    I don’t like if I didn’t read and I try to read for people that read my blog regularly, first because I cannot read everything and second as a mutual respect…it’s not easy and time consuming to read for many and interact but this is the gist of blogging
    I even made posts from my comments actually
    Hope I answered his question a bit 🙂

    1. Hey Huguette, did you write a response on Gert’s post? He was the one who asked if WordPress was dead, l am simply re-sharing his post 🙂

      I wrote about this earlier today also. A Blogging platform is a different platform to much of social media, but you are quite right it’s not the platform, it is actually the people.

      I am confused many a time with how people want a successful blog but want it fast? With writing/blogging you have to build up your audience, you have to create it bit by bit, word by word.

      Thank you for the time you have taken in your detailed response 🙂

      1. Thank you for your reply 🙂 I read his post but since I read it through your blog I commented here but will copy and paste on his original post 🙂
        There will always be your community that read and support you, that’s for sure, but in order to create it, you need to respect the others blogs and support them as well (at least my own modest experience)

        My pleasure 🙂

        1. Your opinion is correct Huguette concerning the respect for other blogs. It’s a long process, a process that l welcome personally as l am sure you too must. It is for me anyway, a sense of accomplishment and achievement, because l have built friendships along the way of the journey, l become acquainted with my regular readers. I like to take my friendships slow, learn more about those who read from me and those l too read from.

          I can relate certain things to gaming … there are some games that are like WordPress, the longer you put in, the more you learn the absolute ins and out of everything the game has to offer, but it takes patience. Then there are games that are much faster and easier to acquire the knowledge of.

          What happens occasionally is the players from the faster games come into the slower game and expect the same results in the slower game that they get in the faster games. I used to play World of Warcraft a slower game and we had Call of Duty gamers join us because the two companies shared business enterprise together. The companies did this because the Call of Duty market paid more frequent money if that makes sense? So the World of Warcraft market changed the game play to sit with the CODuty players … sadly l see this with WP at times.

          However what it boils down to is this … blogs platforms are a different game play to other social media platforms – FB/Twitter /Instagram are more of a quick hit market – whereas WP is more for the slower strategist 🙂

          I hope this makes sense 🙂

          1. Slow and steady I believe is always better 🙂 I made some friends also, some left, some still and some will come with time. I started from 0 followers and 0 support from my friends and country and built a community day after day and I’m still trying to do better And loved the comparison you did with the gaming world even though I know little about games but I hear a lot from my brother that is addicted somehow about this gaming world 🙂 but it’s a very credible comparison and I still believe that slow and steady is much better 🙂 appreciate the valuable exchange 👍

            1. Pleasure – and we are in total agreeance all good things come to those who take the slow and steady path when learning 🙂

              Bit like the hare and the tortoise – WP is the Tortoise , FB and the other fast trackers … well need we say more 🙂

              1. They taught us this story as children to teach us this slow and steady lesson 🙂 they should teach it to children nowadays
                Have a good time 🙂

              2. Yes, they need to – children sadly are growing up with a poorer understanding of certain things these days and one of them is this incessant need to run before they can walk.

                You too Huguette 🙂

  4. WP is not dead! We are a close-knit community who loves to write. Instead of just ‘liking” someone’s post… We can express to our fellow blogger how we feel about a piece that they took time to create. That’s being appreciative and respectful.
    This place is no FB! Ever!!!!

  5. Rory My friend, good morning. I some how not accepting the thoughts of the fellow blogger that WP is dead. I also dnt accept its just for likes. It’s all depends on who is on other end. See my small blog I manage to publish my thoughts have only 600 follows and max of 20 30 likes and 5 comments. If I find the follow blogger is not in my wave length I just don’t interact. Blogging is one’s own choice to reach out and express their hidden talents. Facebook is total mess and we can’t compare the people always. So if no one like the article dnt stop keep moving its your own blog is my message to friends. I dnt even look at who likes my page I only answer comments and I do comment also on what impress or touches me. I read your every article but I only like what sounds cool and comments. People differs. This is just an example I shared. But there are people who comes once in a while an d like many posts. We can’t stop that as well. WP have its own crowd and millions of bloggers expressing thoughts is what I believe. It’s a good sharing and cheers. Have a wonderful day. 🌷

    1. Hey Smile 🙂

      You know l am never sure if l should call you Smile or Mercury or MT 🙂 I still prefer the aged old greeting of ‘my friend’

      Totally agree with you also on most all counts. WP isn’t dead, but of course everyone and their cat has a differing view on how things are going for their blog. I think with the original poster as in Gert, he has not yet found a comfortable community in which he can bite into or is biting into his niche.

      Also, l am not social media orientated perhaps to my detriment, who knows, l don’t think so. I think that all social media’s are different. FB, Twitter and Instie are all very specific for their own communities and they ahve and travel at different speeds. WP has another speed to all the others – so pending the blogger/writer it is always reflective upon what their expectations are for their blog – as in what are they thinking they should be getting.

      I do however think that WP is becoming at times a LIKE count box, but this l believe is down to ‘time’, and how much time a person has available to them.

      Every blog is different to the next because each blogger / creator is individual to the next as well, so how their blog is received and visited by the community will be different.

      I have noticed that many niche blogs who concentrate upon short content, or only quotes or images do receive a lot more likes than comments per se, because the content is easier to view and to like. Content blogs receive a different market share, content posters with content and images again receive different shares.

      The list of answers is an extremely long one and could fill various pages 🙂 But it all boils down to certain criteria and if the creator/blogger/writer is aware of the direction they are taking their blog but more importantly two things 1] which audience do they seek and 2] do they actually like the platform they are using to seek out their audience?

      I prefer the WP platform and so, this is where l find my most happiness 🙂

      Thanks for commenting here today my friend and l do hope your Thursday has been good to you 🙂

      1. Hi Rory, call me Victor 🌱. Glad to read from you and I agree the comments. I use Twitter since long but not FB. The forum is totally different. People are busy all over and hardly can read the all posts so known people blogs they mark like easily. Agree the contents differs. I started my blog to showcase my pictures as I travel a lots and share the best of the places not seen to rest of the world. Same way not all like to watch pictures also. Or not interest to see the scientific or technical matters. Discussions over such topics ruled out. As you said audience differs that makes difference. I also met nice people here like you and much talented in each fields and exploring the best of their abilities to showcase. Glad to be connect and stay in touch. Have a wonderful evening and cheers. 🌷

        1. Well howdy Victor – this makes it much easier for me, so thank you 🙂

          there’s a beauty to be found in all platforms of a sort, but the true inner beauty l believe comes from within WP, because when a person shares their world through their images like yourself, through poetry, tale or story, through quotes, through animations, through recipes, through their travel, the readers comes to know each and every author to an almost personal level – that’s the true beauty of community and friendship.

          Have a wonderful evening, although l feel you must be in the latter part of your evening now and not long before you’ll be seeing Friday arrive, so on that note then Victor l’ll see you on the flipside – and have a fantastic Friday 🙂

  6. Rory!! WP is not dead….and contrary to what some may believe…neither am I!!
    I can totally understand the posed question. It does seem many are interested in the numbers, following in exchange for followers, no comments or replies to comments.
    I love WP. I’ve been able to write here and not be judged. I’ve made some great friends (which I’m sorry I’ve not been in touch for a while) and have enjoyed reading so many different types of blogs! Sorry I’ve been MIA. Starting to get settled in the new job so hopefully I’ll be writing again soon.

    1. KK!! You live?

      Yay, l have been emailing you for months [okay not every day, ha ha, but l have emailed you a few times, and left messages on your blog and, and, and }

      No, WP is not dead, not in the slightest – one seriously healthy heartbeat found here 🙂

      Glad you are well and back in the land of the err blogging 🙂

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