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When is Your Blogs Anniversary?

My second year Blog anniversary is coming up, next month sometime around the 17th or thereabouts, but when does your blog celebrate it’s next anniversary and how old will it be?

Also, how very different if at all is your Blog of today to your Blog of yesterday as in when you first started? Has it evolved vastly from your initial concept? How have your views changed with regards blogging since you first began?

Let me know the answers to these questions below.

Cheers Rory


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17 thoughts on “When is Your Blogs …?

  1. I started building it in Sept 2017 but didn’t go public until sometime in October. It’s gotten way bigger and more interactive than I ever thought it would. When I started I knew nothing at all about blogging, so I’ve learned a ton along the way,

    1. Hey Ashley, hope you are having a great Monday. So in fact you started out at roughly the same time as me really. You just launched publically later.

      I am a big DITTO on everything you have mentioned, so when exactly would your anniversary for 2 be then?

  2. My 2nd one was in May. I think I started at the beginning of the month, but I did not publish anything until the 25th or so.

    My main goal is still the same – to share flabbergasting stories, to discuss controversial things and to sharpen my creative writing skills. Yes, my blog is growing (i.e. there are new segments added every now and again), which I think is great. As we develop, so does our blog.

    1. Hey Goldie, yes very much so – it’s the natural course of our own evolution, we grow, our blog grows, we grow some more, we experience more, we learn more and our blog evolves again – many thanks for commenting and dates noted 🙂

  3. My Blogoversary is February 6. My blog will be 4 in 2020😯
    I don’t think my blog has changed that much. I set out to journal and rant and interact with other people and that’s still my thing.
    My blog was always sorta free flow and remains that way.

  4. This, That, and The Other turned two on May 14th. My blog is pretty much the same as when it started, except now I host a daily one-word prompt and three weekly prompts.

    1. Hey Fandango, many thanks for the comment and the heads up. May 14th day before my BDay, easy to remember – well for me, unless you too are a Taurus 🙂

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