Mystery Blogger Award Questions

When l recently gifted both Di of Pensitivity 101 and Melanie of Sparksfromacombustiblemind the Mystery Blogger Award they in turn asked five questions of their own, which l have decided to answer also.

Di of Pensitivity 101

If you were a member of the opposite sex for a week, what would you find the most difficult?

Having boobs!  I may never leave the confines of my house again, having my own set of boobs!

Have you ever eaten an oyster?

Yes, l used to live in Whitstable in Kent, and they have a big thing for oysters there – l was invited to a Oyster luncheon once back in the late 80’s and was offered a dozen of these things to chew and swallow   … interesting experience indeed. Did l enjoy eating fresh oysters?  Yes, l did, it’s a strange sensation of taking down the natural juice and the flesh and resisting the urge to say “Doesn’t this just look like snot?” Terms like this are not appreciated by true oyster eaters at all. They are like a little cult!

Would l do it again?

Maybe, maybe not, maybe, maybe snot!

Have you had a conversation with an imaginary person/friend and then discover someone had eavesdropped?

No, not an imaginary friend per se, but l do talk to myself like l am in a conversation with someone else, and Suze has often asked “Who the hell are you talking to?”

When shopping, do you squeeze a loaf of bread to test for freshness?

Doesn’t everybody?

What is your favourite dessert?

Sadly l can no longer eat any kind of desserts or sweets of any kind currently but in my day, l always loved Knickerbocker Glory!


Melanie of Sparksfromacombustiblemind

Would You Rather Have Batman’s Skills, Money, Equipment, And Lifestyle Or End Crime Around The World For Good But Be Poor And Unnoticed?

What is the other option?

What Is the Best Way The 1% Could Spend Their Money?

Well it’s their money at the end of the day, they have earned it .. a lot do quite a bit of charitable work, others promote and create alliances, enterprises, assist the economy as well as work with environmental projects that help the world in other ways. Not all do of course, but the answer l guess is – whatever they jolly well wish to.

Who Is the Most Impressive Famous Person Alive Today? Why?

I have no earthly idea here, there are many – so l’ll answer from a different perspective – we are – the individual – we can do whatever we want if we set our minds upon it.

Do You Have Any Ridiculous Goals in Life?

Well l think one has to define ridiculous, what might be rodiculous to another, may not be ridiculous to the person who had the AHA moment.  You know there is an awful amount of profit to be gleaned from ridiculousness 🙂

If You Could Have A No Monetary Limit Shopping Spree at One Store (i.e. It Wouldn’t Cost YOU A Red Hot Cent), Which One Would You Choose?

How long is the ‘spree’ actually for? Ten minutes, an hour, all day? I suppose the answer would be to go to one that sells high ticket products and seeing as it is not costing me a single cent, l would quickly fill my cart with as many goods as l could with a view to selling on afterwards. Perhaps high end performance bicycles, tools, virtual reality entertainment centres?


My thanks to both Di and Melanie for these questions.

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award Questions

  1. Thanks for answering my five Rory.
    Ah, the knickerbocker glory. Mum and I would each have one of those when we took the Mums out for lunch whereas Hubby preferred his treacle pudding with a bottomless jug of custard (he had it filled three times………… his mother was not amused whereas mine found it hysterical) and his Mum would insist on apple pie and cream, then leave it (no comment sigh)

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