Mornings, Mirrors and Me

Mornings, Mirrors and Me

There are many quotes in films, that although heard,
Are never much used let alone said,
Like ‘mornings and mirrors’ relatively absurd,
For it came from Romero’s Diary of the Dead,
But it stuck with me and l found and find it quite apt,
And have done ever since watching that festival of gore,
Quotes like this mean nothing, yet apparently become trapped,
In minds constantly searching for answers and more,

Most mornings now l awake from the night before,
Confused as to who, or what l am,
Days hold no real joy for me anymore,
I just arise as normal, and do what l can,
To get through and find some contentment,
For chronologically l am not that old a man,
Yet despite this, it stops me not from feeling ancient,
And crumbling, like an undiscovered ruin,

Lost in the sands of time, over grown and forgotten,
From the eyes of those who once dwelled there,
During happier times found in yesterdays’ illusions,
Like distant photographs of tomorrows’ tears,
I have always said to those who care to listen,
That if you are willing and able, you can read me like a book,
For despite my complexities l am not that deeply hidden,
But it will take more to understand than just a glancing look,

I have never kept a diary, but have archived all my thoughts,
Pockets of silent memories and reflections of times passed,
Vaulted in the dark recesses, moments of yesterday patiently caught,
Simply awaiting the time to awaken and be asked,
To come forth again and resurface at the request of this man,
Whom now needs to pen down all that he has seen,
So that others may be able to read me like the book that l am,
And that his writings, dreams and prayers will show where he has been.

© Rory Matier 2014


Guy or Bloke, Your Choice

This is the true beauty of being able to write, to express ourselves, to awaken lost treasure troves of memory and pen them down for others to read, to understand, to perhaps be able to relate to, to acknowledge that despite the vastness of our world, we are, there are, many like minded souls out there – that simply wish to be read, listened to, understood and acknowledged that we all walk a journey, and that we all have a story to tell.

34 thoughts on “Mornings, Mirrors and Me

  1. The written word can indeed be a powerful way of opening ourselves to others, I suspect partly because it is less intimidating than being honest about how we feel in person. Writing, unlike speaking, also gives one the option to take their time and be explicitly clear about their what they mean.

    1. Gorgeous writing!
      Rory you’re just one neat accomplished guy,bloke,dude,Man, and friend too many! And because of your fabulous and widely entertaining blog people are coming together! I have been discovering amazing writers through your blog shout outs! Nice job!🙌

      1. Hey Myth, many thanks – glad you think that way, but remember we are all working components in this machine of ours we all serve a greater good, be that community orientation or friendship creation – that’s the beauty of both the spoken word but also and more importantly the written word – more can be expressed through the well thought out written words 🙂

        1. Keeping well ( strong and healthy) and smiling for those who need me!
          Thank you so much Rory! I can’t imagine the world without the worth that you bring to others! 😇

    1. Thank you so much Josh for this nomination – very humbling indeed 🙂 I have been over whelmed by the community here in WordPress and reading the comments, receiving the likes and being nominated is just so, well dare l say it again – humbling – so thank you my friend.

  2. You have said it! We have this wonderful gift to bear to write and share. Some are terrific writers and some like me, just okay. But we all have the ability to express our thoughts and emotions. Great post

  3. I like this Rory, I often awake with a random phrase turning over in my mind, not sure why but I find if I write it down, I can work through what it means. Not sure if this is what you meant but it’s what I saw in your writing 😂

    1. Hey Kim, reflection and interpretation is individual to each person, but yes, it is what l mean. That we can awaken from the night before, and we may have a ‘random abstract’ lodged in our minds somewhere that mean nothing ……………. until we voice it to paper and start to make it live 🙂

      Hope you are keeping well, and your Tuesday has been lucky 🙂

        1. It might well be, that some of those posts are now on postdated reblog for the hours of 12midnight to 9.55am. I now post date a few of todays posts so that they are seen by my readership who are asleep during our daylight hours 🙂

        2. Indeedy indeedy – now it’s time for my bed time, so l’ll catch you on the flipside Beckie, when you too retire for the night – sleep well 🙂

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