Dear Blog – 17.15 – 13/08/19

The Apple Cider Vinegar Muppet!!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are so engrossed in a thought that you have absent mindedly forgotten that you were also involved in another more pressing and practical physical task?

This happened last night … l was awaiting to go into a webinar just after dinner. The webinar was to start at 8pm, the time at the moment of my task was 7.15pm and l was in several trains of thought and not concentrating on what l was doing!

What was l doing, l hear you ask?

I was pouring apple cider vinegar from a 5L tub into our vinegar bottle using  a funnel! Well, you know how you can see something happening right before your eyes, and you know that you have to be careful, but also how for some reason despite your eyes seeing the danger, your brain hasn’t sensed the danger and hasn’t clicked in …probably because your brain is elsewhere!! That’s where my brain was ……everywhere but there in the moment.

I was nearing the top of the bottle, and l casually thought to myself use a smaller funnel measurement next. But instead of a quarter measurement to the funnel l filled it up right to the top. Was casually watching it and flipped back to my thinking. Well my eyes and my brain suddenly realised there was a catastrophe about to happen and alerted me … l respond with an appropriate dilligent remark.


From behind me l heard Suze say “Oops, oops?? What do you mean oops?”

I was struggling at this point in time at the depth of my error! It was now starting to overspill, and l sort of froze like a cat and thought l could …. get ready for this … tip the funnel contents back into the 5litre tub despite the fact that the funnel was leaking vinegar everywhere. Suze startled me at the same time and kept on shouting “In the sink, in the sink, in the bloody sink man!!”

I then accidentally pulled the funnel out of the bottle and it slipped at an angle [all this happened in seconds like, have you noticed at times like these when one second is suddenly paramount to ten?] and all of sudden there was an explosion of vinegar!

It came from the overspilled bottle, the funnel and in fact it seemingly appeared from places that had nothing what so ever to do with bloody cider vinegar in the first place!! But within four seconds maximum, there was vinegar absolutely everywhere! On the floor, on the windows, the counters, on me, Suze and Scrappy’s back [who had come into see what dad had done wrong this time and in truth was standing right beside me when l had tried to get to the sink and l sort of stumbled over her which is why it angle slipped].

Well l, we cleaned it up of course, but now we have a kitchen that smells very vinegary – which is not a problem l said to Suze as l like the smell …. however all Suze said was “You are such an absolute muppet at times! Give a man a simple task and now we have a kicthen that smells like a vinegar distillery!!”


Dear Blog ……

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14 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 17.15 – 13/08/19

    1. Ha ha – strange you should say that, Scrappy had that look her face that said “Oh typical like l don’t have enough to contend with and now you want to pickle me!!”

  1. How like me, you are. I do these sort of blunders all the time. Even when I think it might happen and then it happens in front of my eyes and I am not prepared for it.

  2. At least it was vinegar and not oil. I’ve learned to use a small measuring cup when filling small from large. Prevents oopsies like that. Mostly anyway. Ya know…me & Murphy….

    1. Ha ha l did the paint a long time ago when l was younger, l accidentally walked into a door that then had a mouselike chain reaction to it and knocked a guy off a ladder ………. end result was paint everywhere 🙂

  3. I do like the smell of cider vinegar, so there’s that…
    My cats could tell stories of all the things I’ve spilled on them, and it’s because they were/are always right under my feet beside me. Then they give you ‘the look’ haha! 🙂

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