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Butterfly up close in nature by Desha

I Just Wanted To Say

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Monday, Monday here we all are again, what have you got planned for this week, anything exciting? What did you do over the weekend? Where did you go? Let me know below! Me l have a busy day, blogging, business study, working in the merchandise

Quote of the Day

Dream bigger. Do bigger.


Top Five Tracks/Albums

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Top 5 Tracks is just that – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays only   – let me know in the comments section below what tracks/albums you would like to hear. Let me know what you would like to hear from your favourite artist – five different artist requests from five different readers.

What’s it goin’ to be then?

Who’s goin’ to make your day?

Let’s be having some Rhythm and Blues for this Monday Eh? But folks, do let me know below who you would like to hear tomorrow morning!

So What’s Going to Make Your Day??

Let me know below when you stop by to say hey Hello!

go dark

August 26

Yellow Bus Countdown!


14 Days Today!

19 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Say

    1. Hey Ribana, we all gotta do what we all gotta do to get by right 🙂

      Have yourself a fantastic weekend. Have a dedication for you on tomorrow’s Just Wanted to Say – Some OMD for your day 🙂

  1. The Blues are perfect for a Monday when the wake up bounce comes at 12:30am. I’m hearing the great Aretha singing “Think” from The Blues Brothers…😂 I hope your Monday is off to a good start.

    14 days….

    1. Hey Grandma, Good Morning to you and of course Happy Monday, two weeks today and as l have just finished the post dated morning set, 13 tormorrow. Busy day ahead, optimisation in full swing, my brain is just starting to go into the second phase ready for this afternoon’s study – have yourself a cracking day and know you’re in my thoughts – rock and roll on with the Blues 🙂

      Think – brilliant song – was going to include the BB’s, another day 🙂

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