How Much Value In Your Life Is There?

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How Much Value In Your Life Is There?

A Life Value is what you consider to be an aspect most important to you, it’s what makes your life worth living. Equally they also serve us as codes of practice of sorts that help us decide what is ‘right or wrong’ morally. There are many different values, social, moral, universal and actually the list is quite long.

As l start to optimise my energy into positivity and confidence reboot again [yes l too at times suffer from terrible confidence issues] l have had to stop and think about what Life Values l hold dear to me, what makes my life worth living and begin to set goals to propel myself forwards. I have examined and re-examined these values and have identified several key areas for me personally.  These being to name but a few …

Reawakening my spiritual connection and coming to terms with me, harmonising my energies again.

Never forgetting to work on my emotional values and always being there for my partner and helping her whenever l am able, but also not forgetting to include my own emotional development.

Appreciating my mental and physical health and further development and learning to increase my awareness and understanding my weaknesses and how to strengthen them.

Vocational and Financial – what l actually want to do with my life professionally and how l see my income developing in the future.

Celebrating my social values and always appreciating my community and continually working towards achieving a greater satisfaction as well and working on my charitability values, as in what can l do for others and not just myself alone.

I have many values on my life, these are the ones that l truly seek to acquire and achieve a balance with.

But, these are mine …. what are yours? What are the Life Values most important to you?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Many thanks Rory


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11 thoughts on “How Much Value In Your Life Is There?

  1. I will be continuing to work on my physical with the evening walks. That will also help my mental and emotional because I walk at sunset and enjoy the beauty of nature.

    When the weather cools I’m planning a declutter. I have too much stuff.

    Money wise I’m basically stuck with the income the government decides to give me. But I can spend smarter.

    1. Hey Grandma, we had too much clutter and we are still seriously decluttering – well in truth, it’s not so much me, mostly Suze, l performed major declutterings in 2014 – 2016, but surprisingly l still find small things l can offload.

      I need to get back into walking as l miss it terribly, but both Suze and l feel guilty if we get our boots on in front of Scrappy and she can’t come. Her morning walks which used to an hour long twice a day a good workout as little back as four months ago, slowly became less. Now a morning walk is only about 20 minutes pending her walking speed.

      But l need some physical exercise again, as l too used to love seeing the beauty of nature like you.

      I am keeping incredibly busy mentally, and have now itemised my day almost hour by hour to keep my mental health in good stead and feed the Aspie brain.

      We can all spend smarter, we are no different 🙂

      1. Itemized day?! I’m sure that is perfect for your racing Aspie brain but I’m opposite. If I tried to have things go in a certain way I’d be frustrated ALL.THE.TIME! My life is barely controlled chaos. I’ve learned to go with it.

        We all have our mechanisms that work best for us. The trick is finding it.

        1. Exactly, Suze’s brains works differently to mine and even know she works 9-6 M – F and therefore on a schedule, she says my routine is too precise for her, but with everything l have coming up and starting, l now have to be ultra busy and the only way to really optimise that is to literally optimise and itemise my time 🙂

  2. Life values and goals are important to lead the way. I feel that trying to live a better life, morally, physically and mentally is my goal. In short to be a better person in all aspects.

  3. Great values that I guess everyone should be looking after….
    For me personal life is the most important and I try as much as I can to appreciate every second!

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