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Starlight Tears

Some legends can be borne from one generation to another,
And myths can sail unscathed through the centuries,
Tales of Olde bound within scrolls can live on forever,
Yet some go unheard due to distant and troubled memories,‘

When the star fell, no less startled ‘twas the dragon,
For it ‘twas indeed an unexpected arrival from above,
Life before the fallen had been filled with strife and burden,
And yet now he had been gifted with this shining dove,

For years, he had looked above his darkened recess,
Set deep in the blackened edges of the realm,
Away from the Kingdoms of man and their desire for success,
Choosing to live alone and be King of his own helm,

With so few of his own kind abound within his time of then,
Took to whispering did he to the glimmerings high in the ethereal,
Praying that another would soon appear like afore again,
And he would not end his days listlessly within the surreal,

One star, a glittering teardrop of light, caught his eye,
From many distanced moons afore,
And he did so spake every night that passed him by,
With this truest of beauty of the nightly encore,

Ancient yet learned journeys were shared into the unknown,
Imaginations alighted and realisations soon came dawning,
But alas, the tear was within an eternity of her own,
Unable to break free of the overbearing yawning,

Time did so pass between this unlikeliest of pairings,
But the dragon was indeed patient, for it was in his nature,
So that so, when the starlight tear unshackled her bearings,
Was she thus able to finally answer his on-going prayers,

Legend it may not be, myth in only the eyes of unbelievers,
Yet a tale it shall now become, and the journey shall again begin,
For the story is still but young but will fill the chambers,
Of those believing in the starlight tears of the dragon’.

© Rory Matier 2014



16 thoughts on “Starlight Tears

      1. Thank you Heather for the vote of confidence, as l have just replied to Kat above, l think if anything, it may well be a lack of confidence that prevents this from happening – but l will look into it.

        Since joining WordPress l have been bowled over by the compliments and trust me when l say, from a man who becomes blushed and confused with compliments – l genuinely appreciate them all 🙂

    1. In truth, it would not be the first time l have heard this phrase Kat. In answer, no l never have, l never really thought my verse was worthy.

      Not being humble or modest, but l am the strange kin, that is never fully happy with the finished product. The poetry is ok, and many a time l am happy with it. A lot of people can relate to it, even with abstract pieces such as this.

      Heather recently asked if l had thought of voicing my poetry, again, not the first time someone had made mention to it, and again something l had toed and froed over.

      I will give it thought.

      Meanwhile my thanks for the compliment and the comments here today.

      1. Always a pleasure! I urge to serioulsy consider the idea. Remember that we can be the biggest critics of our own work, so go by the opinions of others in this instance!

        1. I will, but as you know Kat, l am literally up to my eyeballs’ eyeballs in stuff at present – some days l am none too sure if l am coming or going – but l will look into it 🙂

    1. I am glad you liked it sadje. Maybe one day, l will look further into it. I need to write a new collection, and l will maybe look into that going towards a publishers – who knows 🙂

        1. Do you know that is strange Sadje, and l shall tell you why, and whilst l have said this before, l think some people tend to not believe it.

          I can write in rhyme, l don’t call it poetry, although it is classed as that and yet l see poetry as being a different class to that of rhyme.

          I love writing, in whatever format or style my mind takes me to, and yet whilst l ‘like’ many of my poems, l don’t actually love them.

          Many artists and creative folks l feel are the same, that whilst yes we can write these things that others find pleasure in, we don’t often have the same passion or romance for them ourselves, we believe that we can always create something better.

          My passion and enthusiasm is in the writing itself. I have written thousands of poems, they are written for a moment, a passing or a passage of time, and when they are written, they are then done.

          I reblog each poem many times, or rather the collection every three months or so. Between 2010 – 2012, l penned maybe 10 poems a day, at the end of that period l had thousands. I started penning furiously back then because my mind was getting ready to explode and l needed to offload to make for new space in my head and so l just wrote religiously almost fanatically for those 2 years solid.

          In 2013, l started to sort through the poetry and discarded thousands, and what we see in the blog today is the remainder from that period. Of course there are others that carry my copywrite from 2013 – now. But in 2018 l have only written perhaps 15 new pieces.

          I still have on file maybe 200 poems that have never seen the light of the blog or anywhere else on the internet, but they will soon make an appearance. They are deeper and more illicit and look back at the days of my escort service and are not ready for my current following.

          These days l am trying to empty my head of my tales and stories and there are hundreds, l will never run dry, or seek prompt there are that many. In addition to that my head is constantly thinking up new things and it never stops. I could probably write solid for five years before l ran out of the stuff wanting to come out my head today.

          Then there is the new poetry waiting to be written, l have 300 ideas for those and they are added to daily.

          But, whilst l am ‘proud’ of my writing, it is mostly for my pride, my sense of achievement, so whilst l know it is good, and some are better than good, l still don’t believe it is great.

          Go figure eh? 🙂

        2. I think it’s true for most artists, people with talent that they are not satisfied with their own work, so I can understand how you are thinking.

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