Dear Blog – 15.45 – 10/08/19

Runnaway Dye and Wet Boob!

A few weeks back, Suze went to the hairdressers to get her hair coloured, her natural colour is brown, l have however only ever known her hair to be a mousey brown with highlights. Suze like myself prefers to use organic products, but there is a huge difference between the length of her hair and mine.

Suze cuts my hair, she does a good job as well despite her saying she doesn’t, she performs the same cut to me for 25 minutes and charges nothing for her time as l receive in the village or town here for £8 – £10. But then, l only need a haircut and not a highlighting lowlighting effect. Plus, l don’t have a lot of hair anymore, and thus keep it shorter so it just looks more!

Anyway, so Suze attended her appointment at this ‘organic’ salon after she expressedly told them what she wanted organically, and the only thing she didn’t really know what she wanted was a style.

Since entering menopause and post menopause her hair has lost a lot of its natural body and can be somewhat unmanageable. It is naturally wavy and curly and extremely fine,  [you know a hug can turn into a wiggle affair for me as l have sensitive skin, so her hair fine as it is tickles the hell out of my face], and the hairdressers were the usual, skilled, understand, understood what was expected from her, and yet when she left and arrived back home, she was not a happy lady! Not one little bit and for good reason! They had ruined her hair, they had more or less turned her hair bright copper gold!

IMG_1161 (2)

Not a colour Suze is happy with!

She only marginally complained [hence why l am trying to increase her confidence] and they offered her a credit to ‘fix’ their error, and the usual excuses came out, ‘new girl’ didn’t understand clients and so on … but she was welcome to come back in a few months!!! Months??? To get their mistake corrected.

But for six weeks now, pre-Australia visit, during Australia, and now having been back for three weeks, Suze had to wear her hair up all the time because this colour made her feel terrible!. Now today she is attending an appointment l set up for her as a treat for her confidence with a colour analyst so that we could define her colours, which l think is really important, that we know our primes and secondary colours and it’s a topic l’ll be raising in The Positive Brain series later on this month.

The hair disaster cost Suze a lot in her confidence, plus even know she complained, l said we needed to blast these people, because they didn’t do what they said they would do, and more importantly they didn’t listen to the client’s specific wishes with regards her colour, they turned her coppery blonde, more highlight than lowlight! However, Suze didn’t want the credit and wanted nothing to do with them, despite losing her confidence, upsetting her immensely and it costing her £150.00!! [Suze backs off conflict these days, and a confrontation with the salon despite her being in the right didn’t appeal].

But Suze didn’t want to turn up at the colour swatching with the wrong hair [ which is a fact, colour definition also takes hair colour into consideration against your skin tones] so she decided to ‘colour her own hair last night with my help ….. technically a gateway into disaster especially when working with ‘bleachy things’ – we don’t mix that well, l tend come away with more white spots on things than there is colour in the other person’s hair!

So she bought herself an organic hair dye [brown] and last night started the process of changing her hair colour, which apparenly went well. Although l haven’t got a finished colour image for you, because well – she said NO! After the incident with the shower hose and the soaking. Some people are so fussy!

I mean it wasn’t really my fault that l forgot to remind her that the dye process had been on her hair for longer than the required time … you know … mm! I was only out by ten minutes or so…

IMG_1167 (2)

It starts well ….

IMG_1169 (2)

Still going well, that horrible yellow colour is disappearing down the plug hole!

IMG_1171 (2)

“How’s it looking babes?” … “Definitely darker darling!”

It was at this moment that Suze made the small error … twice … in quick succession, and the photographer could only roll around the floor laughing!

Once all the suds were washed off, the conditioner had to be applied, and so Suze asked me to go and get the sachet containing the conditioner, whilst she rinsed off the remaining dye suds, when l came back she was looking quite pleased with herself that the horrible colour was most assuredly no longer present. Which it wasn’t, l handed her the conditioner, and she applied it, but in the process, despite me asking if she needed any help and her declining the offer she put the shower head into the bath basin and it flipped and this huge spray of water hit her full in the face and completely drenched one side of her body, with water jetting out over the top of her!

Well l just laughed, and her face was an absolute picture itself, which l ‘don’t have!’ but she looked there and then like a drenched baby duck, with her eyes squinting and water dripping down from her. It was like she had dunked her head into a full bucket of water, “Would you stop taking bloody photos and help me please?! Grab that bloody shower head!!” She growled. Then she did the same thing,  the exact thing again, and the shower head flipped again and a second jetted soaking was in order!

IMG_1173 (2)

You can’t really see it [although if you look real close to the left side you can see the water staining on the tee shirt under the arm] , and l was forbidden at this point to take any further photographs, but Suze is soaked from head to knee on her left side. We both had to laugh when finally done she got up looking totally bedraggled and declared, “My left boob is totally drenched! This tee shirt was just new on!”

In the end the hair, is now a much darker brown than l have ever known Suze to have, but at least this way, she can now find a hairstylist that will perform the highlights and lowlights properly, as apparently they are starting with her natural hair colour and the best bit is that her confidence did increase hugely once she saw the coppery yellow gone!

But boy, l sure am glad l don’t need to colour my hair if you end up looking as bedraggled and drenched as she was last night!!

Looking forwards to her coming back home, to see what the colour analyst suggested with regards her colour definitioning and hopefully she will be in confident and positive spirits! Will let you know. I guess really, you had to be here last night to fully appreciate the humour of it all … but damn, it was funny as hell!

I’ll try and sneaksy a shot of her new hair colour so you can see the difference.

Dear Blog ……

21 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 15.45 – 10/08/19

    1. Hey Ami – Hope you’re having a great Saturday 🙂

      I know l shouldn’t have laughed, but in truth, she was laughing as well, thank goodness ha ha 🙂

      1. Well, I guess that makes laughing acceptable 😂 thank you, I hope you’re having a good day too 🙂

        1. It’s not bad 🙂

          Yes, laughter they say, is the best medicine – good job we both have a sense of humour otherwise my camera may well prove awkward for me to sit down, right about now lol 🙂

  1. Oh goodness! I’m always getting drenched by the shower because SOMEONE, not naming names, turns the water off without switching from the shower head. I go to run water in the tub for Sven and poof, my back and head are wet.
    It IS funny, but slightly annoying because of the surprise. I have learned to look before turning the water on…most of the time.
    I don’t dye my hair unless I’m using one of younger daughter’s funky colors:electric blue, bubble pink, magenta, emerald, purple…

    I’ve heard that hairdressers (is that the right term anymore?) say the best color to choose is the color we had as children. Maybe it wasn’t best…most natural looking??

    I hope Suze comes home in better spirits! I guess I’m pretty lucky on the post meno front… no problems or issues or changes except the obvious one and hurray for that!

    1. Ha ha to the ha ha moments 🙂

      Suze has got hit my PM pretty hard in truth, but a lot of real confidence knocks has put her there. 2014 she was sexually harassed at work and lost her job, a job she had battled hard to get, that knocked her for six! Then 2015 all her grandkids moved thousands of miles away from her 3 to Oz, 2 to Devon [not that far, but not a simple hour’s journey away either] plus her son had issues and really attacked her. She has just lost a lot of the woman l originally met, don’t get me wrong l welcome all her changes and evolving, but her and menopause don’t live together too well – yeah yeah l know a lot of women can righteously lay claim to that sentiment, but her confidence is the lowest l have ever known.

      Sure l am the quiky one and have a diagnosis that says l am selectively social, and l am no social butterly , but l am more socially confident than she is and well, my aim is to improve both our confidences 🙂

      1. You’ll help her along👍 you’re giving her a safe and supportive base from which to face the world.
        Change is hard for all of us and she had a bunch of drastic changes. Its not surprising she’s not just brushing it off. I’m sure that having all the family at a distance is hard but it’s also an opportunity for freedom! Free to just be Suze. An adventure of discovery.
        Hugs to both of you and Ms Scrappy💌💌💌

        1. I agree on that, with regards the being Suze – she simply doesn’t know how to be her, she has been so family orientated that she ‘her words’ feels without purpose. It worries me a lot more than l might say at times and more so because our situation with Scrappy. Scrappy is almost in literal terms ‘her last child’ if that makes sense.

          Suze has never done anything for herself always for others. Even now, helping her as l am, well in truth l have always helped her, mostly by planting the seeds of change within, but more so now, when l am trying to encourage her to be her … is a very tough road at times.

          I never truly understood the implications of just how much shy of being her, until recently .

          1. That would be fantastic for her to blog. The journey of self discovery after mothering forever. There are lots of women (and men) who are felling lost after the children are grown and gone. It would be a great journal and a way to find a community.

            Me, I’d like a break from parenting🤪😂

  2. I’m a ‘beauty school drop-out’. My mother and what passed for ‘guidance counselors’ in 1977 decided that doing a course in cosmetology was just the thing to a) prepare me for a career; and b) get me ‘out of myself more’. Yeah. Epic failure. But in some of the courses I learnt that hair dye is a tricky thing. Close supervision of any student or newbie by experienced hair dressers (the term in that archaic time) avoids the sort of mistake that was visited on your Suze. It’s small enough comfort, but I thought the ‘brassy yellow” was actually pretty and looked very natural. Maybe you had to see it in person to get the full effect, but let her know at least one person thought it was just fine. “Ash” blondes – often mistaken for ‘mousy brown’ or ‘dishwater blonde” have to be very very careful about what dye they use. Else they could end up with brassy blonde, green (an ugly green), or other color that nature never intended. And the school/salon was just covering their behinds with that “in a few months” business. If one applies dye too soon after such a problem, one might lose their hair entirely. And while bald looks attractive on some women, most don’t like it. My sympathies to Suze. At least they didn’t try to perm her hair or as mentioned, leave her with acid green coloring. We find the silver linings I guess. Tell her the un-anticipated shower story was HILARIOUS. I’m gonna chuckle all day now! 😀

    1. Hey Melanie, you had to see it, it was really bad, not even liveable bad, it was an appalling mess. I wanted to blast them all a new A hole, but Suze basically said she didn’t want the fuss.

      With her hair being so fine and more so since moving away from chemical dyes, the hunt for quality ‘hairdresser’ or stylists or whatever they are called now, it pushes price up and the distance between the good ones is huge. You know the really good ones in Kent alone might be close to 60 miles away from where l sit typing today, which is a fair old distance and a day out almost.

      She’ll get it right, she rang not long back and she has decided what style she wants and won’t take any bullcrap from these salons anymore.

      Happy Saturday to you Melanie 🙂

    1. I think Suze would look great as grey, but l am not Suze and yes you are quite right it is a huge hurdle. For Suze at nearly 60 at her own concession, going grey naturally would be allowing her to just remember how old she is. Suze has always had a thing about getting old.

      Me, l am almost Neanderthal in that department, it’s never bothered me. The grey is just part of life. My father was very vain about going grey and used hair dye. But l think it is very different for men – as in the ageing process.

      1. Her point of view is valid. I dye my hair because it’s partly vanity and partly as a concession to my husband ( so he doesn’t feel old being married to a woman with gray/ white hair ) But it is a trying process. And expensive too. I usually do it at home.

        1. Absolutely Sadje, l understand why Suze does it, and more so because as she says she is still working, and employers have a funny view of the ageing population for some reason. I have said to her it doesn’t worry me, l love her for her, not for her hair – but l do understand why.

  3. Oh wow – I have never had the experience of dying my hair – and it is not one that I relish. I am hoping I have inherited my Dadda’s genes. Even though he is in his 70s, he still has caramel coloured hair like mine, and just the odd stray silver hair.

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