Backwards Thought

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Backwards Thought

Bonkers, slightly mad, off beat and quirky,
Are modern society’s ways of dealing with mental health,
Easier to redefine the terms than to accept the slurry,
Of reality, the hidden imagined dark stealth,

When the mind strays off its designed track,
And the rewinding of time begins to betray the truth,
Unknowing sands ahead, memories staying back,
Lingering sadness and happiness no longer smooth,

It’s all too easy, for many to pretend to understand,
The life and times of the broken mind,
Not fully comprehending of course, the unmanned,
Strains of tomorrows’ tears now yesterdays’ rewind,

Many can jest, for to do so makes the fears go away,
Not wishing to look into the face of the unsettled,
Joking, that those they know are all the same anyway,
So what is the deal, when most are speckled?

Tainted by a slip on the tracks,
When thought patterns are not quite right,
It’s easier to not look back,
At the once bright shining light,

For this is what mankind does, when faced with peril,
Instead of standing upright and assisting,
And being gentle, they simply joke and heckle,
Continuing on the righteous path of resisting!

One person’s madness, struggle and plight,
Is met mostly by humour…
For to laugh away the problem is alright,
Treating the malignancy like an off coloured rumour,

So very few can see deep into the misery and the pain,
And understand what it is that has gone so terribly wrong,
Not accepting that perhaps it will not be the same again,
As it once was, nor knowing for how long,

That the undone and slowly slipping mind,
May be away, before returning to an acceptable status,
Society simply tells you ‘things take time’.
And that you require more patience!

Yet so many will quite simply fail to recognise,
That the mind, now broken and under stress,
Has not disappeared into obscurity, but tries,
To rid itself of the rewinding and the lingering sadness!

© Rory Matier 2015

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    1. Thank you for that comment, l genuinely appreciate it. My philosophy has always been to be as honest as possible in my writing, because people can relate quicker to that. So that’s my way forwards.

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