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When l recently gifted Barbara over at Teleporting Weena the Sunshine Award, she asked her readership five questions that really appealed to my mind and so l thought l would give them a bash too!


Do you think antiques are haunted?

Love, thieves, and fear, make ghosts. ~ German Proverb

Yes, actually l do.

There are many things we do not understand [and many a time do not wish to understand] that simply do not sit on the plateau of conscious understanding that we write off when we shouldn’t. Things that cannot be explained away religiously, spiritually, environmentally, organically and scientifically. Some things simply CANNOT be explained the way the cynical sceptic would like to believe.

Many a time the biggest problem is that a person’s mind has not awakened to the possibilities of the unknowing. The old myth that a person only uses 10% of their brain has been debunked many times. Our brains are not just active but functional at increased percentages – we think when we don’t even think we are thinking, our brain functions when we sleep as well as when we are at rest.

A person’s brain activity and function is reflective to the person who is performing the thought of thinking at that time. Meaning that each person’s brain is different to the next and of course the life they have led, experienced and been open to further learning will alter their brain activity and functionality expotentially to a person who may not have the same experiences as the other person.

We can exercise our brains in the same fashion as to how we exercise our bodies therefore further increasing our functionality and activity. Eating a balanced diet, keeping the brain active as well as regular exercise all contribute to increasing our brain’s functionality and use. It is written that people who constantly perform brain training exercises increase their brain’s out/input and therefore are able to decrease the risk of dementia by 29%.

However what on earth does this have to do with a belief that material objects including antiques can be haunted? Well quite a bit … that irrelevant to a brain’s activity and functioning prowess it still comes down to a person’s ability to process information and take into consideration all their learnings, teachings, beliefs and life wisdom. It is what the brain does with the information at hand and how it chooses to interpret what it is seeing, sensing and hearing.

During my travels across the world with my parents as a youngster, as a teenager and young adult to adult l have come to witness many things that l could not understand and my brain could not correctly process.

I do have a strong knowledge and belief in and of the paranormal, do not deny at times that l have a gift and use it as and when as a gift to understanding things that ‘we don’t see everyday’, but also l possess an open mind and a willingness to learn and absorb new things like a sponge. Therefore my brain has witnessed many things that if l couldn’t explain then, l have naturally followed up with endless research to prove or disprove what my mind saw at that moment, instead of simply discarding it or attributing that my brain simply ‘did not see that’ and therefore it should be ignored and binned.

Many people when encountering things that their brain simply says cannot exist will perform the rubbishing of the moment, instead of thinking ‘What if realms of thought processing’.

As a youngster, l was very involved with supernatural, supernature, occult and of course as a teenager to an adult l was actively involved in ghost hunting and cryptozoology, so my brain is willing to accept things that may be more dubious until l can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not exist. Failure to acheive that means that there is something more to it and then if l can not personally prove it did not exist or that my eyes, ears and brain were playing tricks on me, then this leaves this open for further investigation.

I have seen many things l simply am unable to identify or recognise such as unknown essences belonging to not just houses, people or material things such as furniture, picture frames, card sets, dolls, teddy bears and toys and so on.

Sceptics will always throw into the mix and perhaps rightly so, for should we always simply accept as truth everything we see, that there cannot be anything unnatural unexplained? That ghosts do not exist, that hauntings cannot be, and things that are paranormally unnacceptable or too controversial have no single shred of evidence to support their being!

People have more than the five senses, most people will simply rely on their five senses and ignore many a time things that are right in front of their eyes because of their own internal belief to what is and what is not.

Ultimately l personally believe that it comes down to a combination of things for each person – what they are willing and open to believe in, what their senses are interpreting as positive and what their gut reaction is explaining to them as unnatural.

Many objects have an essence energy that we simply don’t understand yet, perhaps this might be a strong contributor towards explaining ‘hauntings’.

Naturally, despite what readers might take from these answers, l am a sceptic to many things, l will always try a conventional method of explanation to make sense of certain things – but the end result sometimes is that ‘at this present time’ l am unable to explain everything l have seen, felt and heard in my life with 100% clarity, therefore l do believe in things that many people are very quick to mock and disbelieve.

The biggest problem is that way too many ‘believers’ choose to express their beliefs at times in the wrong way and this entices mockery. Just because we cannot explain some events and moments logically doesn’t necessarily mean they are not real, it just means at this present time that our brains are simply unable to process it for us in the manner we would like or the way that makes us feel comfortable with.

[H]e had a strange sense of being haunted, a feeling that the shades of his imagination were stepping out into the real world, that destiny was acquiring the slow, fatal logic of a dream. ‘Now I know what a ghost is,’ he thought. ‘Unfinished business, that’s what.’ ~Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses


What is your favourite number, and why?

Has always been a number symbolic to me  … Associative relationships, spiritual enlightenment and new visions, justice, balance, fairness and strength in decision making.

. . . . with a primer focus on …


 … Infinity, energy, power, related to wealth, success, pleasures and vices

Although my preferred sequence of numbers that has always helped my success has been ……..


8 – 2  – 10

Even today as l rebrand my blog l am adhering to my sequence of 8 – 2 – 10 for my chosen positive strategy.

Do you have a lucky talisman or mantra – what is it?

A specific talisman no, but l do believe in grounding my new space or a space l am working with firmly and surrounding myself with objects that have brought me harmony, oneness and success before. The only mantra l really have used frequently is “I will, l can, l am!”  which l do say to myself every day.

Do you think this life is actually a dream you’re having, and everyone you meet and everything you encounter are just characters/situations you’ve made up?

A deeply profound question Barbara – but no, this life of ours is very real, we just wish at times it wasn’t.

Are you superstitious about anything?

No, l am not superstitious l have in many eyes some very quirky beliefs but they are all firmly grounded for good reasons. Many age old superstitions can be reasoned out down to self belief, self awareness and how you view your own personality within the world at large.

Thanks Barbara, l thoroughly enjoyed these questions.

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6 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award Questions – Teleporting Weena

  1. Thanks so much, Rory! I really like that you gave the questions so much thought and details. I enjoyed hearing what you said about the antiques. Sometimes I do think antiques or even regular everyday objects can absorb the essence or feelings of who owned them. Not in a bad way, though. It’s just a feeling I get from some things.
    I like your favorite numbers and that they have a purpose and meaning for you. Eleven is a good number, and your other numbers do add up to 11. Nice!
    Your mantra is a very good one to keep in mind at all times.
    Thanks again! I do like the picture up at the top, too. 🙂

    1. Hey Barbara, my absolute pleasure as l said l love questions, topics and subjects that l can sink my passionate teeth into 🙂

      Yours were too good to simply let go of 🙂

      There is just way toooooooooooo much we simply don’t understand yet, and so much stuff l don’t think we are meant to yet 🙂

    1. We are in agreement about ghosts things of the other senses.
      I seriously did not know your affinity with the number 11. I scrolled down and said “No Way!”. Then Ben said “What no way?” But that doesn’t matter… 😂
      11 has been showing up all over the place in my life for years and years. I shouldn’t be surprised by commonalities anymore, but I still am.

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