‘Loving Blossom Lanes’



‘Loving Blossom Lanes’

Of all the seasons bestowed upon us here within the Shire,
Spring and autumn are above all my favourites,
For it is then that our beauty comes to life,
In preparation for the oncoming summer and wintry bite,
Later spring is upon us once again, and l cast an eye,
Across meadowed fields alighted with speckles of sunny hues,
Blossomed lanes alive with a myriad of natural dyes,
And the Shire is enshrouded today with the richest of blue,
Fenland we are, and as such our trees are scarce,
Yet evergreen hedgerows, flowers and reeds,
Make up for our lack of heavily foliaged fare,
And the cows’ parsley scatters lovingly across the fields,
The lingering kiss of the hawthorn, is that which dazzles me most,
And ‘tis irrelevant to which season she abodes within,
For she is able to appease all the seasons to which she is host,
And is by far and far the most beautiful to gaze upon,
Her scent fills the air no matter as to whether there is a breeze,
With her delicate flowering buds in a radiance of their own,
And with such brilliance present, why do we need trees,
For here in the Shire, we live in the beauty that is our home,
Alas, you have not seen the winter, or the spring,
And l feel you too will miss the glittering of our hazy summer days,
But perhaps, just maybe, you will come this autumn,
And see the hawthorns closing blossoming haze.

© Rory Matier 2014

5 thoughts on “‘Loving Blossom Lanes’

  1. So beautiful. Makes one want to come and visit your shires. And the shires reminded me of the Lord of the rings.

  2. Lovely. I agree about Lincolnshire countryside!
    The picture reminds me of 1000 piece puzzle given to us by my inlaws because he couldn’t finish it. We did, framed it and gave it back the following Christmas. He was over the moon.

    1. Yes, it also reminded me a jogsaw from the 70’s l once did 🙂

      I couldn’t find what l was looking for to fit with the poem, and sadly since the caravan days when my computer crashed, l lost so many of my own photography 🙂

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