Her Indoors


Scrappy Doodlepip and myself 2015

Scrappy Doodlepip Kelpie x Staffy 30th November 2003 – Present

Greatly Loved.

I have a slogan on one of my designs, that says ‘Being social is overrated‘ and another that simply states ‘Less people you know, less shit you have.” I am not a party animal or a socialite, l have a few quality friends, l am not anti social or anti vocal, but l am selectively social on who l have in my life as close, close friends. My partner is one of my closest human friends, and my dogs have been my closest confidants all the way through the time that l first had dogs. This poem was written for both of my dogs in 2014.  In this case both singular use of She and Her are to be seen as one mind, two dogs.

When people used to see Dora and myself many thought we were an old married couple, such was our bond, and whilst Scrappy and l are also tremendously close, it is in fact my partner Suzanne that shares the incredible bond of friendship and companionship with Scrappy.

Dog owners l feel may appreciate this poem more.

Her Indoors

At my side she has been for a good few years now,
Loyally and lovingly adhered since her vow,
Where she pledged her unerring promise,
To look out for me and me her till her demise,
Through thick and thin we have been together,
Our lives entwined as one and in all weather,

Not once has she anchored any complaints,
Whether indoors or under constraints,
Happiest the most when she and l are alone,
On an afternoon stroll or simply at home,
She is attentive to all and every changing detail,
Of my mood swings and oddities of the typical male,

She is the most loving creature l have ever known,
And not once with all life’s’ changes has she ever moaned,
Expressed her concern of those ‘thought’ not right,
Simply looking on, observing and being polite,
But always, at my side does she stay,
Not leaving for long periods or going astray,

I would be lost without her it has to be said,
First sight she stole my heart and settled in my head,
Knew did we that our souls had set and bonded as one,
Puppy and master from that day on,
Thinks now she is a four legged human,
And treats me with an atypical females’ acumen!

Tolerating all that l do and say, right or wrong,
Her indoors, hogging my bed, but her strength makes me strong,
Sure, an odd couple we do make it’s undeniable,
Getting to know her these years gone has been enjoyable,
Never slipping in her guardians’ role of observation,
Allowing me to better understand myself as a person,

She is l have to say, my most valued and trusted friend,
Because of that, she will be with me till the very end,
Human friends can come and they can go,
Relationships can form and break as we all know,
Your dog is with you for all of their life,
And their companionship rejoin you in ‘your’ afterlife!

© Rory Matier 2014


Dora and myself Summer 2012

Dora Dog The Explorer Wolfhound x Gun Headed Labrador 30th November 2003 – 24th March 2014.

Greatly loved, sorely and still terribly missed.

43 thoughts on “Her Indoors

  1. What a beautiful creature she was. You just inspired me to perhaps write about the best dog I ever owned. She was just a special and sweet of a memory to me. Lovely pictures you shared as well. Thank you, for sharing. 🙂

    1. Hey Beckie, hope you are well 🙂 Dora dog was quite possibly the gentlest dog l have ever known. Scrappy is a beautiful dog, and her story later this month will show a different slant on things. She in many ways inherited much of Dora dogs’ behaviour which was strange. But she now no longer lives in Dora’s shadow as much as has become a truly fantastic dog in her own rights 🙂

      1. It truly is amazing how animals touch our hearts in such a way a human can’t. I miss my Brandie girl, she was an American Pit and was such an amazing creature and so obedient. Such a love and much.
        My parrot “Peanut” still calls out her name even after 17 years since her passing.
        look forward to the story on Scrappy. Both dos are lovely.

        1. Yes, dogs touch our souls l think. All animals have a way about them that humans simply cannot match no matter how hard they try. This is not saying humans’ can’t and of course it will reflect on your belief in to the soul. I have a strong belief in that area, Scrappy’s story touches very heavily on that and readers may think the ”writer” slightly out there, but l know what l saw on the day and the years that followed to where l am now.

          But our dogs – if anyone creature could see into our soul and totally understand, l would have to say our dogs see more than most.

  2. Beautiful poem and story about your canine friends. The bond with a dog is very precious. They have been with the human race for thousands of years and are our oldest companion animals. I could not imagine life without my own dog. Any animal that will put up with humans is to be treasured.

    1. Hey Kat, yes life without dogs would indeed be strange. At the height of our pack, it numbered 12 and now it’s just Scrappy and myself in the original pack left.

  3. Oh, so happy to have discovered your blog…it came highly recommended by The Britchy One. After a lifetime of being terrified of dogs, I not only overcame my fear but have my very own doggie to hog the bed (my husband and I sleep around him: he has our hearts firmly wrapped around all four paws). Thank you for a lovely read. Your doggies are (and have been) blessed to be so loved…

    1. I used to be married and at the time our dawgs allowed us to use our bed nightly, which was kind of them admittedly, however we used be sharing with 16 paws and quite big ones!

      Sometimes l would wake up during the night, thinking ‘Is my wife getting randy??” Only to discover the English sheep dog with his paws firmly wrapped around me and sleeping in the divide between the two of us!!

      Thanks for commenting Patti – have a great day 🙂

  4. Wonderful poem, I love dogs! they are incredibly loyal. I feel the same way you do about friends. I have so few friends… not many friends… actually one friend…

    1. Well at the risk of sounding corny my friend l could say with blogging you always have friends or in truth l could simply say one good quality friend is worth their weight in gold. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting here today 🙂

  5. Dora looks like my first dog, Darlin. She was abandoned as a pup before she was weaned. I was pregnant with my oldest and bottle feeding Darlin.
    I CANNOT imagine life without a K9 friend.
    Beautiful words, John-Boy!!!

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