Forgotten Years – A Writers Sorrow


Forgotten Years  – A Writers Sorrow

Many years now has it been,
That l last l looked upon your face,
Beautiful eyes of sharp hazel green,
You smiling your warm embrace,
Golden rays alighting upon your hair,
Rich full lips and of coupling did we share,
First sight and our hearts did mesh,
And joys of life were ours to spare,
When our love was ripe and fresh,

Young were we, way back then,
Fun was easy to come by,
Spoken was love over and over again,,
Together were we, you and l,
Where we would be when old and grey,
Children all grown up and left home,
Think not did we, apart for even a day,
Pass thoughts did we on the unknown,
Forgotten years that were only yesterday,

To this day, not found l such love,
Share did we with hearts, body and soul,
Nay, nothing near to even a breath from above,
Cometh close to desiring to make me whole,
Should another’s love tickle upon my mind,
For it has happened since then, l cannot deny
‘Tis found to be nothing but cruel and unkind,
Memories we did share, always present ,
Forgotten years, and a lovers’ currency never spent,

Joyous were we at the birth of our son,
As was happily foretold and seen,
As was the pregnancy of our daughter,
Had she ever been,
Oh it was not to deny, for we were but one,
From that day on, we became three,
Life’s’ path can deal blows so mean,
Nay to be so kind, ‘twas brutal slaughter!
Eternally yours a phrase not meant to be,

Blissfully knowing an’ aware our love to be true,
Not to be was it …………….for my loves disappear,
Time, can pass within the blink of an eye,
When all that is good and wondrous, becomes askew!
That all life, could end that terrible day,
For it was not three but four that stopped, and became still
Seconds of passing, that become forgotten years,
Forgotten years, never forgotten and will l again,
One wintry day, that for me never goes away,

Blinding flash of light, broken glass, red mist,
Metal tearing apart, screams that broke ice, until,
What was once solid, becomes a broken twist,
Then deafening yet shatteringly still,
Silence settling into a world of pain,
Knowing that life for some completely has changed,
Ones’ mind can never escape from visions of hell,
Nor, from the knowing that now life is a blank shell,
Weeping tears upon the final goodbye kiss,

Present was now part of the past,
Memories of such horrendous pain and grief,
Nay do they freely go unnoticed nor fast,
Forgotten years pass slowly and test belief,
Troubles for ones’ mind never atoned,
Gods be damned for their callousness and unholy,
Retribution upon ones’ soul,
Denying true love and destroying what was whole,
Matters not whether you begged for death,

Praying each day was your last breath,
Wishing that your life would end, so you could follow,
Mind can depart quite easily at times,
Disturbed memory casting back and forth, now hollow,
Edging the brink on all that is unsound in mind,
Mind splayed, heartbroken and soul shattered and torn
Unknowing of whether you care enough to stay around,
Care not do you, for still you mourn!
Life plays the cruellest of tricks of all!

How is one supposed to recover from the hardest of falls?
Not easy is it, alas l think it is safe to say,
Separating the horrific memories from yesterday!
But l have moved on, my loves
And hard it has been, so very hard indeed,
To forget that tragic day of ugly misdeed,
Where Devilish Gods awarded me an unwanted life on the borrow,
Now l pen their crimes within a writers’ sorrow!

© Rory Matier 2009

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