La règle du jeu


La règle du jeu
[The Rules of the Game]

Recently l ‘ave found myself involved,
In an interesting matter concerning sound,
Or rather the reasons for uncontrolled,
Delightful sighs and moans doing the rounds!

Of all the Inspectors that were called,
To aid in this mysterious noisy case,
It was l Inspector Sleuth that was so bold,
And that would conclude the curious chaos!

Holmes, Gadget, Colombo and of course,
Clouseau were either taken,
Or gone for good or worse,
So it was l that was to be awakened!

The search was on for the ‘Oofph’ factor,
An odd case if ever l was to say,
In all my years as a sensual inspector,
This was the oddest one of its day!

How one is to actually commence the quest,
For locating such sensuality and arousal,
This, this, my friends was the test!
But l assure you, crack it l shall!

First l had to identify the sound that was,
The culprit for want of a descriptive name,
And the possible cause,
That made the Oofph so inflamed!

After many weeks of serious desire,
I found out that an Arched Back was the blame,
It was this that stirred the hidden fire,
Within the mind of sexual woman!

The arched back makes for the softest of sighs,
Made by the ‘olding of ones’ breath,
And released owing to a surprise,
Induced perhaps by an heated sexual path,

Of all the sighs l have now come across,
And trust me, there ‘ave been a few,
None are more satisfying than the Oofph,
Softly released when the air is romantically blue!

And now l retire for the night,
Having discovered the secret desirable Oofph,
Preparing for a bit of alright,
Is this master of all the sexual sleuths!

© Rory Matier 2015


6 thoughts on “La règle du jeu

    1. Thanks Lady D 🙂

      I was thinking about your upcycled coats, l think there is quite a market in those, l was thinking of seeing perhaps some of the RAF/USAF tunics with the same treatment, not that would look snazzy chic too 🙂

      1. I believe the upcycling market will grow indeed. You got me thinking now about the RAF/USAF…. Have a lovely day Rory.

        1. You too Lady D, they had a good colour, which is where l was thinking and then if you were to add the effect that your modern ‘ish flage jacket has,. But they also had a very defined fit, l think a lot could be done with them.

          We only have to look at the likes of the Beatles and their erm, what was it, ah yes their Sgt Pepper album and the things they did to their jackets on that sleeve.

          I think there could be a real chic market to tune into with ex militaria – it’s been done before, doesn’t mean it cannot be done again as your upcycled jacket displayed wonderfully.

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