Wanna Know You Better!!!

Suzi Tench of My Colourful Life tagged me for this challenge a couple of months ago, but l have been terribly behind, but thought l would give it a go now. So first and foremostly, many thanks Suzi for the tag. I feel sure, that most of you probably know Suzi by now …however to those who don’t – let me think – colourful, vibrant, fun and artsy crafty is Suze all over! Check out her blog.

Wanna Know You Better!!!



Title the blog post as “Wanna know you better!!” ( try to make your post pictorial as this will make it look interesting)

Describe Riya’s blog and a put link to this post.

Describe and thank the one who tagged you.

Copy all the questions and answer them one by one.

You may create your own questions for your targets (it will be fun)

Pass the game as a challenge to any of your favourite bloggers and mention them in your post.

Add a link of your post in the comment section below so that people may come to know about you, your blog and your fun. (in the comment section of Host’s post

State the steps.


Riya who blogs over at World Of My Thoughts describes herself as wonderfully expressive, open, creative, social and a lover of life. She pens  poetry because she loves to write, quotes about the life around her equally as much as writing about her passions and opinions – if you are as of yet not familiar with Riya’s writings – then please do check out her blog and remember to say hi!


First, 10 briefly explain questions:

What really makes you angry?


The blatant ignorance of people!!

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?


I currently eat from a bland diet, l love pizza, but that’s not a healthy diet – however my answer is – crackers, salad and water

What is your biggest fear?


Having my throat cut acidentally!

What has been your best moment this year?


Broad question – that l wake up each day.

If You Could Live Anywhere In The World For A Year, Where Would It Be?


New Zealand

How do you relieve stress?

Anything l can that will fire the stimulation up into my brain, but probably listen to loud House Music…

Would You Rather Go To Space Or To The Bottom Of The Ocean?


Bottom of the ocean – l am fascinated with the oceans

What’s your favourite season?


Everything bar Winter, although it looks great on postcards!

What’re your favourite sports?




Ice hockey and baseball to watch, walking to do.

Did you like Riya’s blog?

I did.

Now, 10 this or that questions:

What would you prefer?

Beach or mountains



Ice cream or milkshakes


Compromise – neither – but l do like ice cold smoothies.

New York or Paris



Ugly genius or Good looking stupid


Neither l am happy to just be me, and my many personalities.

Pizza or Burger


Hands down Pizza!

Summer or Winter


City or Village


Rural Village

Spring or Autumn



Mathematics or Science


The science of numbers

Train or Aeroplane


Both, let’s compromise – Hot air Balloon!

Okie dokies, let’s be seeing who might find this challenge a bit of late night, middle of the night or early morning fun?  I think these seven super ladies might like to have a go!

Ribana of Popsicle Society

Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table

Richa of iScriblr

Suzanne of Ellie894

Melanie of Sparksfromacombustiblemind

Paula of Light Motifs II

Angie of King Ben’s Grandma


17 thoughts on “Wanna Know You Better!!!

  1. Having your throat cut accidentally? Oh my, that’s a fear! 😅
    Yes, waking up every morning is indeed one of the best moments in our daily life 😊
    I know is not so healthy, but I would like living with pizza too 🤪😝🍕🍕
    New Zealand must be a wonderful place to live in! So stunning landscape!
    Congratulations Rory! 😉🎉🎊
    Thank you for the tag but I’ll pass because I have just stopped from this month taking the awards and challenges…too little time and too many plans 🤪 Thank you however! I really appreciate it 😊

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