Moments in Time


Moments in Time

Captured whispers and thoughts,
Embraced by our minds,
Memories from within,
… of forgotten times,
But also, scenes that inspired,
Us to believe in life,

Drawn l am to such wisdoms,
… and ancient philosophies,
So as to understand,
How nature allows me to reach within,
…and touch her so deeply,

Not once has she clouded my sight,
From my early dawns,
… to my latest of nights,
And how l have danced with her so,

Be it a kiss or the slightest caress,
Observed her l have in …
… times slowed for me alone,
Allowing me to surrender,
To her knowledge of before,
… and now,

She knows me well and l her,
Eased my torment many a time,
… her loving so endless yet true,
And l as best as,
… try to recreate her view,

Life is,
… just that,
Moments in time

© Rory Matier 2015

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