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I Just Wanted To Say

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Monday, oh Monday! So did y’all have a terrific weekend, get up to anything exciting? Have yourselves a totally awesome day folks!

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Quote of the Day

““Your strength doesn’t come from winning. It comes from struggles and hardship. Everything that you go through prepares you for the next level.”

Germany Kent

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21 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Say

  1. And here we are again 😊 Good morning Rory! Hope you had a good sleep!
    What a great and true quote! Everything that we are, we are because of our struggles and hard work!
    Have a wonderful day! 😊

  2. Just Another Manic Monday… 2:30am wake-up bounce and no glorious little yellow school bus to the rescue for three weeks.😱
    Good tunes is an awesome way to keep the grin from turning to a scowl.👍

      1. I hope she’s at least working from home today, and starting to get over the kooties she got on the trip.
        We all just keep on keeping on and sleep when we can I guess. Children, fur or other, shouldn’t be scolded for their needs in the wee hours.

        1. No, sadly she is in the office today. Scrappy’s needs are more along the lines of ‘OY! Woman, are you still there? Dad’s asleep like a dead log!”

          1. Ben doesn’t NEED anything either. He WANTS company…in whichever room his whims take him. I just drag my corpse all “I’m coming…I’m coming… yes Ben, I’m coming…” 😂
            Hopefully Scrappy will be kinder to her poor mum tonight.

            1. Hard to say Madam la Scrappy has been like this in the last 15 months, long before all the other problems materialised, but she has become very clingy of late.

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