Don’t Give Head To The Point!


Don’t Give Head To The Point!

I have had it, am totally fed up,
I am up to here with it all!
No more, no more,
Most assuredly the last straw!
I can’t take it!
Not anymore!

So the camel is to blame?
The ‘last straw that broke the back!’
And yet, the point remains,
Another firm contender to the attack!
Ask Pinhead how he feels about the point?
Is he stressed or just accepting of the indignity?
That his head is littered with too many to count?
So, it is irrelevant that it has become a malignity!

It appears to me,
No matter how hard l try not to look,
That stress and pins act freely,
And oft are confused, or mistook,
As friends,
And yet where does that end?
They are not in the same league,
But still we see the intrigue,
By those who wish to push the point,
To witness the explosion,
The overriding debauchery, the mental disjoint,
The erosion, the fast locomotion, the approaching commotion!

The point being made is this,
It’s not the pin that takes the piss,
But the little prick that causes,
The triggers that unleashes the mental forces!

© Rory Matier 2018

Moral of this is to avoid at all costs the little pricks that burst your bubble!
There’s always one who thinks it’s fun, to see your stress stumble and crumble.


Guy or Bloke, Your Choice

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  1. Yep. Too many around wanting to do that. Pointing t no one in paartucular,

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