Content Scrapers – Turning the Frown Upside Down!


Content Scrapers – Turning the Frown Upside Down!

In the throes of trying to find balance with this Tygpress thing, l decided to look at it from a positive angle and treat it as the learning curve it is … okay, sure you might think “You bloody swines!! You this and thats!” But hey they are still linking back to us. …

I Just Wanted To Say Bumper Weekend!

Yep, it sits on the Tygpress site, but even if you check out that link … there are these

Read more…  [leads to my blog]


A Guy Called Bloke


[both lead to my blog]

Now whilst all three of those are linking back to me – why should l worry? This is STILL my content leading back to my blog. When it doesn’t is when it becomes the biggest problem.

You know l have been seeing this man’s name pop up quite a bit since Friday, and the more l listened to his words in the video, the more l thought ok, let’s roll with it!

Neil Patel

Content Scrapers – How to Find Out Who is Stealing Your Content & What to Do About It

Plagiarism Isn’t Flattering: How to Deal With Scrapers Who Copy Your Original Content

What l have learned from all of this in the last 12/24  hours is we have to be smart like Yoda and think about all the angles that we can help ourselves with protecting our content and then roll with it! As l said earlier, there is NO guarantee for protection, we can follow all the advice awarded and place ourselves in a better position for understanding.

My poetry was/is already under my copyright, my designs under TM, my banners mention my blog specifically. I will place as many of my banners into my content posts – readers of Tygpress will see them. If they insist on using my content, then fine l will use them right back and advertise MY blog within MY posts.

I will utilise a smaller version of Fandango’s image on all my non poetry posts like at the bottom of this very post, l will now copyright everything l write where it is 100% my material.  From tomorrow, l will be adding that image to all of my Site Pages also. Overkill? Not at all, but if someone like Tygpress wants to do this to me, then l have to start setting some rules that l can fall back on should the needs ever arise.

I have now included a Copyright Notice widget at the bottom footer of my actual blog, l also now have a Copyright Notice and Disclaimer under my About section  it may not be ideal just yet, but l can work on that to improve it, but as long as we are not specifically losing our content, or our identity then fine, l’ll roll with this and try to view it as positively as l can. I will learn how to mark my own photographs used in my posts.

l always award credit to outside sources that l use, Pixabay, Imgflip, YouTube, Wikipedia, so fine l will simply adopt these methods into my own strategies here. What is it they say? “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander?”

Another bonus in some ways is that it means that l am not having to pay for advertising! I just figure, fine let’s play your game at your game!

This incident has taught me a valuable lesson in 1] what to do and 2] to not be so complacent with my content… as said if l start treating this as a learning curve lesson, l can feel better about it. It has opened up all sorts of interesting articles to me and the more l learn about all of this, when my content is not being linked back to me, l will be better prepared and hopefully know who l can turn to next for hard core advice.

© Rory Matier 2019



Tygpress Unauthorised Theft

Image by Fandango of This, That and The Other


15 thoughts on “Content Scrapers – Turning the Frown Upside Down!

      1. If by working during the weekend can be considered lovely then yes 😊
        Exactly! Everybody need to get what they give 😉
        Hope you are ok Rory 😊 Have a great evening 😊

  1. Poor Scrappy…now that the grumbley faces are fewer, what will she watch?😂🤣

    We’re all learning from this…experience. I love that everyone is sharing all the bits of info with each other. WP may be glitchy but the community is just the best!

    1. The community is what will beat this, because we all stick together, we are one hell of ‘mofo’ when we start building defences and attack positions – cool huh 🙂

      Scrappy bless her is currently having to get used to a lot of changes recently. Suze and l have switched rooms and she is like WTF??

  2. All good ideas, though some not as easily done for those not on a WP business plan. I’ve added the copyright widget to my main page and am thinking about a copyright line that also links to my Amazon author page to post after every post. But since i have a personal plan, I’m not allowed more widgets for signatures, so this will be a manual add. I’m also planning to go through my old posts for dead link removal and photo spiffying up as Ashley suggests. It seems that we must take charge of this thing and not be lazy housekeepers!

    1. Hey Paula, that’s exactly it, we can only do what we can do with the tools we have.

      There is a lot of advice out there, Tygpress just made me really think hard about a lot of things – a huge kick up the ass to my own complacency in many arenas.

      We do what we can, make peace with it, make it a positive thing, keep our protection and guards high and get on with our lives. There is a good chance they will be gone before we will 🙂

    1. Hey Sadje, thanks – it’s either be positive and take the ride albeit wearing protective clothing, or give in to the whole thing, delete your account and let these shit bags run your life 🙂

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