Artisan Partisans!


Artisan Partisans!

Have you ever wondered …

What our world would look like if it suddenly became bleak and bland,
And nothing but greyness swept across the lands,
That the creators, their beautiful minds, and gifted hands,
Were instructed to disband,
That suddenly, we didn’t have vibrant expression,
Or intrinsic and colourful imaginations,
Freedom of thought was blanketed by suppression,
And we were without the ability for artistic creation?

How would you feel?

If you were to discover a world with no art form?
Would you appeal?
Demanding to know why the reform?
If our planet, suddenly lost the ability to enthuse,
To amuse, to lovingly confuse and obligingly bemuse,
How would you feel at that point?
If we had no choice, or the right to choose,
That within the blink of the eye, or the awakening to a new dawn,
That you discovered, we had become emotionless,
Would you stress?
Scream “Oh what a fucking mess!”
Fall about trying to second guess,
What had happened to our delightful progress,

Our rights to success?

No more poetry, wordery, penmanship,
Crafting, sculpting, nudity, painting or just skilled workmanship,
For now all was locked under censorship!
No more, could we see the finer details and delicacies,
Of photography, filmmaking, architecture,
Music or celebrated digital technologies,
No textile, ceramic or even just cookery pleasures,
All would be gone, the freedom to expression,
Stolen and pulled from beneath our eyes,
Nothing left to challenge or question,
Or to tickle and whet our appetites!

Have you ever wondered about that?

However …

We are lucky; our world is draped in everything you could artistically desire,
Surrounded are we by wonderful, dazzling and exquisitely fascinating grafters,
Who only wish to captivate and enthuse and not forget truly inspire,
Those who look upon the expressional beauty of the artisan crafters!

© Rory Matier 2018

25 thoughts on “Artisan Partisans!

        1. Yay – everytime l read one of your posts l have to travel to a French to English translator – if it’s a long post, well mm, it takes longer 🙂

  1. I hope we would never experience something like this but I’m not so sure how long our beautiful planet can resist to this virus called “humanity” 🤨

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