Dear Blog – 18.05 – 04/08/19

Epiphanies arrive at the funniest times!

Like many others l wasn’t overly chuffed as peanuts with the Tygpress bullshit of the last few days. Initially, l was like Well there are two sides to this, one advantage and one disadvantage’. The first is that Tygpress were still allowing for our content to be viewed as our content and all extra viewings is an extra viewing right as in more traffic, whilst the second was Whoa hold on you wankers! You didn’t ask if l was happy with this situation?”

As time progressed l just got angrier and angrier and more and more vehement emotionally about it all and was looking like the wolf who would huff and puff. Like everyone else l wrote off to Digital Ocean to be met with a bland response of “Well gee it sucks to be you” on the back of reporting ‘Other’ as the abuse.  Speaking to WordPress didn’t help me at all either, although they gave me the right terminology to use the old “DMCA Takedown” and once more l outlined my upset to DO in their form this morning.

Tygpress Unauthorised Theft

Fandango of This, That and The Other brought out his cracking image and for a brief while the other night, all l saw on Tygpress was these red and white images occupying the space and l thought “Take that suckers and burn in hell!”

But last night l was quite despondent and so after some frustration l went to bed at whatever silly time it was, but as l lay there l suddenly thought “Well Ollie this is another fine mess you find yourself in!”  The easiest way for me to wind down was do some reading. I happen to be reading an excellent optimism book at present, which was asking me about my goals and my direction which l have been struggling with of late. That’s when everything struck me at once, including the Universe which basically said “Okay, so what are you going to do about it?” Which is a fair question if you think about it.

However, l suddenly sat upright, got up, ran into the office and got myself a pen and paper and sat down and wrote my goals out – very clearly, very definely – Tygpress made me see something, that l hadn’t seen before during my ‘anger’ and that was l wasn’t thinking straight!

That basically was … l had to stop fart arsing about and make some decisions concerning my blog and my plans! One was that l had been terribly lackadaisical with my blog. Sure, sure, and more sure, sures, it’s the Internet, all sorts of things happen, but let me take this crop of codswallop and turn the negative upside down from the frown it was in and turn it back into a happy positive smile.

I got up this morning after jotting down notes last night, feeling quite refreshed, helped enormously by my first full night [well 4 and a half hours worth of sleep] with no serious stomach cramps – this was due to the fact that Suze and l are slowly starting to beat the Candida back with diet, positive thinking, ignoring pain [l decided to stop taking all painkillers on Friday which l’ll not lie has been really hard and making me more volatile than normal].

Upon opening up the system, what do l see but this brilliant post Tygpress Scraped The Living Daylights Out Of WordPress – Renard’s World and this armed me to the teeth with more positive bytes of data than l previously had. That prompted me to write my own post venting my own anger and then swing into action!

Considering l am in WordPress surrounded by a host of excellent bloggers who offer loads of advice out, as well as discovering this page from WP themselves where they even mention ‘scraping’ and other nasties – Prevent Content Theft that l had never seen nor read. But all day l have been changing things and tweaking this, that and the other [sorry Fandango] and making myself more aware of my own flaws.

The epiphany was not so much how stupid and lazy l have been with my own copyrights, as said if people want something, they can still take it, and as l read last week, more or less everything on the Internet is duplicated in one form or another, but in the smallest of ways Tygpress allowed me to realise something much bigger than them just being discourteous toerags – but my way forwards with my blog and my business.

I’m not awarding them thanks, because l am still filled with the most unpleasant thoughts for them and even the Universe agrees with me. But if not for my anger for them, l might not have experienced the trigger point l reached early this morning laying in bed cussing the days they were born! Because of the anger and the realisation l made certain constructive moves today for the blog. I have a sneaking suspicion that if l want to fully get my content removed from them, l am going to have to pay for a professional DMCA Takedown and then strike that up to the learning curve. 

But, if not for this annoyance I most assuredly might not have made the various corrections to my blog today and l most assuredly would not have made the other positive movements and decisions l have done nor would my learning curve have improved vastly. So whilst yes, l am seriously vexed – it has aided me in a bizarrely warped way!

© Rory Matier 2019

Dear Blog ……

“In all spheres of life, there are constraints. You have to develop your own strategy to overcome each constraint.”

Lailah Gifty Akita

11 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 18.05 – 04/08/19

    1. Sadje, if someone wants something, they’ll take it, hence why in many ways it’s called piracy, like the pirates of old, they will find other ways of taking another’s property.

      The tweakings have been small things, the biggest changes were made to my blog. All the Tygpress debacle has done is made me aware that there is more l can do to make it easier for me to verify that l am making every move l can to at least try and stop it.

      But the biggest problem we have here is that Tygpress are not really doing anything illegal more a case of unethical, a complete and utter discourteous [excuse French] but fuck yyou to the bloggers themselves, ‘we don’t care what you think, we are doing this anyway’, because we can gain access to your RSS feeds and scrape out whatever we want and there’s not much you can do about it.

      There are things we can do, but not many of them at this stage are easy, they are and could be costly and more so with the likes of the response of Digital Ocean and even more so if they do not act upon things.

      Christine highlighted some things we can do in her response to my own post from earlier today.

      I am not that tech savvy, and so certain things take me longer, but the link of WP’s inside the Dear Blog post ‘prevent content theft’ is something we can do to make our lives easier.

      Putting up a Copyright Notice, putting into action a Disclaimer, the things both Christine’s answer highlights and the WP content page highlight is more preventative – you could alter your RSS feed, but they say that comes with a problem, which is restricting viewerage from our own readers.

      I will copyright all my direct content posts for my own material, l already copyright my poetry, and the list goes on.

      I will read the other things properly tonight and slowly tweak and learn what needs to be done to make these things more effective.

      The epiphany was not that l have been a little reticent and thinking everyone out there is as courteous as l am, or you or the next person along but it was ‘Right, now you have your goals in action’ you can move forwards. This came around because Tygpress and the insult and alarm they caused me emotionally made me differently think the situation.

      Understandably this is a very upsetting time for some, and l am no less upset by this than the next person, but it just made me think -“Right, time to take some positive action’ and not let Tygpress make me be more of a victim than l am.

          1. Okay. I will try to do that too. Today my tummy is acting up so I don’t want to add to the stress by doing things that I have little idea about.

  1. Yay! The “ah-ha” moment! It sucks that some lessons have to be so painful.
    I know I get in my own way a lot of times too.
    How’s that canvas now? Brighter?💌💌💌

    1. Well it’s funny you should ask this, l am still not happy with it, but have decided to roll with it and look at it all from the positive point of view – it’s still free advertising, they are linking back to me – it’s when they don’t that l will have a problem 🙂

  2. 🙂 By the way, Rory. I had a copyright widget on my blog from day one and that did not stop Tygpress from taking my blog posts.

    I am waiting to see how the WordPress officials are going to handle this.

    1. Hey Renard, l know – however, l still think we need to do as much as we can.

      The way l see it, l have three options here ..

      1] I am going to hear back from Digital Ocean and they are going to do something about it.
      2] I am going to have to pay for having the content removed by a DMCA service
      3] I can look at it from a positive angle and roll with it as Neil Patel suggests in his video .. we are still getting acredited for our work, okay perhaps we might not have selected Tygpress to be the place to do that.

      However, l just think the more proficiency we have in our sites the better, l realised just how slack l was – so l have opted to treat it as a learning curve, which it is and learn from it.


      Otherwise we will all start banging our heads against a brick wall and we may as well simply pack up blog.

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