1.37am My Time.


1.37am My Time

Smoking a cigarette on the lawn,
Deathly and darkly quiet,
Stillness, hours before dawn,
Silently, drifting and private,

My time,

Standing there, just peace,
No cacophony of noise,
Bustling to and fro from busy streets,
To harass, jostle and annoy,

My time,

Insomnia, she cradles me,
Keeps me on my toes,
Together we agree,
In darkened shadows,

My time,

It’s silent here, now, this time of night,
No whispers from the day,
Just awaiting the new daylight,
To arrive and herald the way.

Β© Rory Matier 2018

15 thoughts on “1.37am My Time.

  1. I miss Kent, it’s rightly called the Garden of England. Deal is such a pretty little town too. I used to live on Wear Bay Road in Folkestone- right near Martello tower #2 and I could look out of any window at the front and see clear to Calais! I remember the Bastille Day fireworks – on a good day you could pick out the clock tower or town hall tower – whichever it was!

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