Sensual Paths: The Way of Us


The Way of Us

What is it about us that l thoroughly enjoy and adore?
Our connection so deeply rooted in sensuality and love,
Allowing us the freedom and indulgences to romantically explore,
Each other’s souls like a pair of reunited turtle doves,

There are many aspects to what makes us an actual us you know,
An emotional rhythm that ties our bodies and minds,
The ability to understand each other from the simplest ‘Hello’,
And to communicate in such a way that we are entwined,

With every passing moment that we share, we grow stronger,
We have become deeper than an endless ocean,
Each lingering kiss we take, our bodies become younger,
Our sensualities absorbing each other like a magical potion,

The us within us is such an intimate and intoxicating magnetism,
Outsiders believe it to all be false and an illusion,
And yet what do they know of our erotic romanticism,
Can they understand fully our natural and imaginative fusions?

Nay, they can not see beyond normal and mundane thinking,
They are the lost ghosts of forgotten laughter’s,
Caught up in their routines and forever shirking,
The beautiful ability to think of the ever after,

There is much to us, which will never be truly perceived by others,
And l care not for their forsaken ways,
For l am so deeply in love with my lovers’ colours,
I have to only know that she is with me till the end of days,

But we are not so young and foolish in our hearts any more,
To simply accept love and romance alone,
For we are experienced in sensual pleasures and delights galore,
And could easily fill a library with our sexuality tomes,

In chasing the sinful and carnal knowledge,
Of each others’ tastes, desires and teasing appetites,
We expend our energies, fire and passion in the languages,
Similar to the lust and enticement of the mythical Adonis and Aphrodite,

Oh how we adore nothing more that sating the fruits of love making,
Absorbed to the depths of the feasting of and on the flesh,
Rolling over after shivering, shaking and aching,
Left quivering, through the exhaustions of our nights thresh!

And yet what is it that we do to each other in our search for satisfaction,
Neither boundaries, nor taboos hold us back in our quest,
Of seeking out the other’s adventurous or fantastical attractions,
For each pleasurable journey is addressed,

We can fuck, screw, bang, bone, poke, hump, grind, plough and mount,
Fornicate, spank, bonk, roger, sex it up and downright shag,
So many body, mind and soul variations we lose count,
Kink, fetish, titillating or provocative matters not in the sack!

Foreplay is an art many have pushed to one side,
And yet we are skilled artisans in the excite and the tickle,
The sensual touches, caresses, kisses needed to lubricate the insides,
And to ease the movements required starting the trickle!

Orally we can entice bestial and primal urges to the fore,
Numerically we can bend our bodies to pass the Kama Sutra,
Tantrically we groan and grope till we become silken and sultry whores,
Partaking in the deliciousness and decadence of our own culture!

We enjoy the mesmerizing addictions of our sexually insatiable lust,
Through loving massages both scorching and lusciously tender,
We both truly come together with each rhythmic thrust,
Falling deeper into subconscious effervescence and total surrender,

This is what l so lovingly enjoy and adore about us,
For we, in love and lust – we become one,
Our unison together is about communication and trust,
And our connective and beautiful skin to skin lovin’.

‘Oh my darling,
To think of you, is to think of how the heavens should be,
Mysteriously delightful, blissful elegance and yet sinful’

Oh, how l delight in your sweet and tender curves,
Your sensual touch tantalising my skin, like tendrils of a ghostly mist,
Whispering softly across my body exciting all my nerves,
And your warm lips embracing mine as we linger in our kiss,

Tis but the slightest of that touch, that alights upon every pore,
To which l become lost in the depths of our sin,
A glimmer deep in your eyes, the hunger demanding more,
Of what we both know as skin on skin,

The secrets of sensuality are ours to explore within a nights’ passion,
Lustful intentions and flame induced craving,
The burning sensation of twinned souls riding the dragon,
Romantic inclinations thrown aside for misbehaving,

Your breath drawing me closer to your deepest pleasures,
Unveiling the lands of no limitations,
Allowing the deepest of penetration to your silken treasure,
Slow motioning rising to meet your demanding temptations,

Tracing the outline of your body with my fingers,
Gliding over breasts and caressing your longing and desire,
My lips hungry, and my hot tongue lingers,
Exciting rose buds to a heightened fire,

Together we move as one in full rhythmic unison,
Abandoning all uncertainties, moving like warm fluid,
Perfecting our existence, completing our fusion,
Greedily we drink in the sensations, rich and undiluted,

Hot and quickening breaths, two minds exploding into one,
Intoxicated and deliriously high on skin on skin,
Together we drink from the spiritually filled cup of oblivion,
Working towards the peak of our blissful one to one loving,

Our bodies awakened to the sexual symphonies of the rawest lust
Heartbeats and souls beating together in our final throes,
After all, it is always the way of us,
The calm after the storm, as we embrace in our loving close.

© Rory Matier 2017


Images courtesy of Pixabay

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