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A great heads up from Fandango, which was initially a catch from Teresa of the Haunted Wordsmith New Update on harvesting site  about a website that is harvesting our blog content – you need to read this and act.


11 thoughts on “Tygpress.com – This, That and The Other

      1. I received a letter back stating they have no control over them. Did you get the same response? Of course I have no copyright on my stuff.

        1. Well, l copywrite my poetry, but in many ways l don’t copywrite my reality stuff, l have other things copywrite’d but again much is not.

          Did l get a response email from them?

          No, nothing yet.

          However l may well write to them again tomorrow and start spouting off GDPR and invasion of my private rights and lack of qualitable permission granted and started talking theft.

  1. Paula was just steaming about this same thing recently. I checked and was surprised to see my stuff there. I’m so low profile I don’t usually have the trouble the rest of you guys do.

    I filed a complaint too. My blog is public but even on WP you get a notification if someone reblogs your content.

    It’s just rude!

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