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It’s been busy this week, hindered perhaps but not squashed by the fact that both Suze and l are not in top form, health wise. Suze is still not 100% and her overall health isn’t tip top, my shoulder is about 65% on a bad day and 80% productive on a good day, l am doing more physically and practically, but l hate not having any strength in my right arm especially when l need it. My stomach is better than it was this time last week, and the cramping is now only at around 35%, so this is good news, it means [l hope] that l am beating the cursed Candida and l am now experiencing Candida die off in the gut. Once done l can then start to rebuild my gut flora, and replace the bad bacteria with good bacteria and line my stomach again.


Bad bacteria kicked out and good bacteria to move in!

Overall, l am very happy with my positivity levels, and as l said to Lisa of All About Life recently, l am running at around 2/3rds which is way better than 1/3rd and supreme to not running on any positive juice levels at all. Later this month l intend to start The Positive Brain series properly, but l have to get things sorted out for both Suze and myself. We will become the living working examples of the series and so The Big Dee was and is a major part to this series. Once l start l can commence with Talking To TNPJ! and The Neutralism Plus Club.

The Changing Face as a series is also coming along very well and so far on schedule! This week, you will have started to see more of the banners and the site pages images slowly but surely make their presence known. I have been tidying up my blog for about three months now, and that too is now reaching the conclusion, and should be completed by end August – so l am Super Uber FA or Ucking We Some Thrilled as Lisa of Lismore Paper will understand all too well, as she has been creating brilliantly flat out to my plattered brain requests.

What’s The Big Dee when it’s at home curled up in front of the fire drinking hot chocolate and munching down on cookies? It’s the big decluttering process that Suze, myself, Scrappy and our house are currently undergoing to become paid up members to leading a more positive healthier lifestyle, and introducing a lot more neutralism plus into our way of life, as well as minimialising the house contents.


We all have too much clutter in our lives have you noticed that? We routinely accept it, and sometimes it becomes such a big part to who we are that we forget it’s there and don’t bother with it, as it becomes part of our staple life diet almost. It’s THERE why move it styled thinking.

So in the last few months, l have been making big changes as well as making copious notes and now it’s all starting to come together. With Scrappy and l moving into much smaller more organised space, our universal energies will become more productive and healthier and happier. Suze in the meanwhile will be going into a larger space [my old space] so that she can finally start to think for her – no, that’s not a derrogative statement either. Suze is a lovely woman, who always puts others first, and not herself and l want nothing more for her than to start to really discover who she is and what she can do with her mind when she allows herself  to put her needs first.

She does everything for her family, friends, partner and the list goes on, and one of the reasons she is unwell now is because she has run herself ragged. I have watched on the sidelines for too long and not stepped in, but with her recent grandmotherly trip to Australia and her returning yet again ill, l have had to step in and advise her that this strategy of hers is not working.

Her positivity is way lower than mine, her confidence is very low and despite my stomach and shoulder, l am actually healthier than she is by about 95%. Having been in her position a few times in my life, l have some experience with this and so a couple of months ago, l asked her if she would be interested in maybe the two of us working on a new positive strategy l had been thinking of called Neutralism Plus? When she said yes, l then decided to launch the new The Positive Brain series for the blog as well. But more on that later in the month. I can’t have the woman l love feeling like this.

Things Had to Change.


Life is just way too short to feel like this all the time, you know? I mean is this it? Are our lives to be continually controlled by outside sources forever? NO! We needed to be able to enjoy OUR lives. So The Big Dee had to start and that’s what has been happening now properly for about a month with the three of us bad health included, working towards. Scrappy has been involved with everything from the start – she is a marvelous keeper of secrets.

When l got my first screen in operation in my new space and the desktop booted up on Monday, l decided that l would declutter my emails. I did run five prime Gmail accounts – 2 too many! They went! But what was left was a total of three active email accounts under the structure that Gmail offer their users and upon closer inspection l had a total of 497,000 emails in the accounts???


Yeah l know, “Shit, Why??”

Well WordPress is the answer in the main. So 10am Monday morning working at 3 hours a day till Thursday, l cleared them. I had initially and  lazily thought of increasing my storage space as two of the accounts were close to 100% capacity. Major bulk edits are not that easy in Gmail it can be slow and arduous and it was, which is why l decided three hours a day was more than ample without screwing and frazzling my brain! Increasing the storage space was NOT the answer. Focus was.

But l did it and finished the task yesterday and now l daily empty off everything bar 1% from each account – but that was a huge decluttering task and l feel way better for it. I guess that’s one of the big problems with desktop space. Storage Complacency.


However, all these little things, small tasks and activities are needed to help not just declutter the obvious as in your devices but they help to clear the mind. The old Tidy Mind Theory for positivity. Replacing the Chaos Theory and allowing logic and creativity to function in harmony with each other again.

Earlier in the week, l posted Dear Blog – One of THOSE Days! where we were stripping down my old space ready for the carpet cleaners who arrived today and completely cleaned that room [and the hall] so that Suze’s Creative Space could be started, which will most assuredly please her as there has been a lot of clutter all around the house that needs to be resited into her room.

I have also saged it this morning to clear out the negative energies l knew be lingering as they have a habit of doing. We have been performing twice monthly sagings to rid the energies out that l think my father’s belongings brought with them.


I know, there are naysayers out there to spirituality and cleansings, however the way l look at it is this …. the Universe is one of your friends if you allow it to be, make good winds with that and it’ll see you right!

But this week alone we have made the biggest movements in decluttering terms – British Heart Foundation [Charity for Cancer] have received major ‘material’ donations from us as we have slimmed down and minimalised the house contents and wardrobes. The carpet cleaners were organically environmental, so everything for clear headedness and positive vibes has to be right. In essence, we are starting on the road to rediscovery into us again, but this time as a couple, it’ll make our already strong bond stronger and healthier – we have had way too much negativity in here for too long!

So the room is now cleansed, the contents staying have also been saged.

IMG_1056 (2)

Monday 29th July

Wednesday 31st July – The beast had to go, no not Scrappy! The desk has been rehomed.

01st August – Cleaned, cleansed and ready for Creative Commencement!

Now the journey can start.

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11 thoughts on “Journal Entry – The Positive Brain

  1. Too funny JB… I just spent the past couple days emptying my gmail account that I never use. I didn’t have quite your numbers but several thousand.
    I see in that pic that Scrappy is doing an excellent job inspecting!
    I hope Suze can grab onto putting her needs as a priority. It’s a difficult thing in the beginning, especially for someone who has been a caretaker for so long. This I know. Oh boy, I know. Stress will eat your health and joy faster than anything else. Even pain is second to stress.
    Best wishes and big hugs to the three of you!!💌💌💌

    1. Hey Grandma, we have all sorts in this household to cope with stres, pain, K9 evening dementia it’s very hard to at times remain optimistic .

  2. Life and Mr Murphy do like toss a little chaos into an already weakened situation…

    If there’s ever any way I can help, give me shout. In the meantime I’ll just keep sending virtual hugs.

    1. Hey Grandma, totally agree, some days just go wrong ha ha – let’s take today, right now this morning – Friday! Ha ha it’s already turned into a WTF day, behind, and why because of loads of realistic negativity from last night, with chaotic energy in the house and a nightmare bout of stress and pain – that then effects the next 12 hour window – but it’s part of life, as you said a few weeks ago and l don’t disagree – the sustainability of positivity’ is hard work which is why l don’t truly believe in optimism that much anymore and prefer the gentler and more realistic neutralism 🙂

      1. Go With The Flow? Sometimes you gotta fight to keep your head above water in the rapid, avoid obstacles, sometimes you just float and enjoy the scenery?
        Is that what you mean by neutralism?

        1. Of a sort, l think you might enjoy neutralism, it’s a strategy that is not as aggressive as straight out optimism 🙂 It’s a bit more realistic, a bit more laid back and more energised, that’s my opinion – most people tend to think of two options only …. pessimism and optimism and l am like well what about the middle ground?

          Minus Fence – Fence – Plus Fence
          MNeutralism – Neutralism – NeutralismP


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