Growing Pains


Someone asked me recently if l would like to be young again and go through a second ‘growing up’ period?

Most assuredly NOT! Once was and is enough for most of us l feel. Another episode from my journey through life!

Growing Pains

Good grief, l remember growing up quite well,
And all the problems associated with it,
Pure and simple it was nothing but hell,
And at times, down right shit!

As a wee youngster life was simply fine,
Nothing really quite extraordinary,
But as l started to get older, there were times,
When some things were simply scary,

Looking back l would have to say thirteen,
Was the year that l noticed great change,
Hair started to appear as l began to teen,
And my Mr Willy became somewhat deranged!

It was like l had developed a second brain,
Between my legs of all places!!?
For it started to think and act very strange,
With thoughts that would leave me in blushes!

By fifteen, l was struggling with acne,
A most unpleasant time it must be said,
Not forgetting constantly being angry,
And arguing with my second head,

Who was always eager to make its’ presence known,
Sometimes at the most inappropriate times,
Causing embarrassments, even in the quiet of my home,
When quite unexpectantly it would wish to climb!

Nothing aided this discomfort, no matter what l did,
Baggy trousers, elastic bands and longer toilet spells,
Mattered not to this defiantly mischievous kid,
Insistent he was to just making my life hell!

Seventeen and life was not really improving,
Working as l was and still he would not let go,
Jumping to any chance that was afforded him,
And always so eager to be on show!

Quite irrelevant to how many times a day,
I tried to seduce him with a jolly good bashing,
He was always insane with desire at such harsh play,
And for ages afterwards l could hear him cackling!

As l got older in my years, discovered did l,
His true cravings and what pleased him the very most,
And soon we were able to explore out and try,
Many different positions in which we became engrossed,

As life has progressed through to where l am now at,
Together we have had one hell of a ride,
Learned l have now how to control and combat,
The beast that lingers on the inside,

But laugh l do when l hear of other young men,
Who say they struggle with growing pains,
For l just smile and say again and again,
This is what comes to the man with two brains!!

© Rory Matier 2017

22 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. One of my favourite movie quotes is “Life is a process, the sad thing about that is you can’t repeat it, and the good thing about that is you don’t have to repeat it over again.”
    It’s a translation from a Hong Kong movie in case you are wondering what the movie is 🙂

  2. I’d like to do my twenties again. I got into the mentality of being a good little sheep and from age 18 – 36 I worked at the same place. Life dominating job. I didn’t live. I barely existed. Looking back, I have some lingering resentment for wasting my life there.

    But being a teenager again? Heck no. Stressy period of life heh.

    1. Yes, l offer no resistance to the before twenties wish. Once was more than enough, l had a very adventurous time some good, some bad, some seriously awful, but the 20’s 30 without the really bad bits, l could do everyday for the rest of my life! Thanks for commenting, hope you are well … you know still waiting on your truly Inspired responses ….. 🙂

  3. Bravo! I love this little poem!
    There’s no way I’d want to go through all the crap I went through a second time. I barely made it through the first time around. I would however not object to having my body regressed to about age 25. LOL!

    1. LOL!

      Yep, can relate to that very well. Even Suze who is 57 this year has said that very same thing several times this week alone.

      Her memory is shot, her ability to do simple things is a thing of the past and of course being post meno now she would gladly trade it all in for a younger version of herself.

      There is no way l would want to go through it all again, once was enough. If l could go through it with todays ‘supposed’ wisdom and perhaps a million+ interest once l arrived back at 55, l might consider it …. no, thinking on that!


  4. Most definitely I would not want to travel through life once more. Every experience has got me to where I am today and I’m at peace with that. Bring on the future that’s all I can say!

    Great poem 🙂

  5. Interesting question. I think I would like to go back even if it was a mix of pain and great moments for me. Especially if I can relive my 30s through 40s. I enjoyed your post Rory.

      1. From the age of 16 to 25, I made many trips, discovered the world and I had the opportunity to do theatre and work in front of and behind the camera (commercial, television and cinema). I met many people who have marked my life. The end of my adolescence was painful, however. It was in my early thirties that I truly blossomed as a woman and professionally. This period, when I started working as a science journalist, was rich on many levels, although not at all glamorous. The 50s seem promising because through my blog I have managed to unite these two aspects in my life and I continue to meet great people from around the world. So, I have no real need to go back to the past but if I had to, it would not be that catastrophic either.

        1. Very interesting – l have no fixed age that fascinates me any more than the last. But l do know l would NEVER go back to my teens UNLESS l had the knowledge with me that l have now 🙂

          However, we are all mostly like good wines we mature with age and as such are supposed to be wiser 🙂

  6. Nice post and poem Rory, NO I would not go back I barely made it throw alive the first time around !!! ❤️✌️


  7. Interesting post. There are times I wish I was in my forties again, before fifty. That’s when the sh—hit the fan!😂

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