Dear Blog – 16.15 – 02/08/19

The Daily Blank Canvas!

If our lives were each day a blank canvas and we used only colour to fill them up with our emotions and activities, our behaviours, the words we spoke and so on, what would our canvas look like at the end of that day? One can only wonder.

I had a fairly good day yesterday, quite upbeat and positive, however as such is life, there is always something that can marr the day for you. Drop your colour swatch down to a dirty grey or brown and like a vampire suck the very vibrancy essence from your soul!!

Scrappy who has been doing so well took a tumble last night and let out one of those ‘yelps’ no owner likes to hear from their K9 buddies at any time of their life, let alone when they are older, aged and wobbly!

She seems to be okay now, but where as Suze and l were already watching her like hawks, we are now watching her even more keenly as she has a problem with her back left leg, her only one good leg. She is not whimpering and seemingly doesn’t appear in any pain, and she seems fine. But with all her other problems, it just sets you on edge, you know?

Colour does define us … it defines our emotions, our day, our relationships, our moods, our sexuality, our very psychology – it’s an important part to who we are – it makes up our personality – without thinking on it, what’s your favourite colour? Mine’s red. There is no need to think on it, that’s the colour – its own psyche doesn’t describe all of me down to a tee, but it does describe a good part to me. Anyway this post is not about colour definition, l have one of those planned in the future, but it is in part about my moods and my blank canvas – l raised a 24 Hour Blog Question Post If Your Day Was A Blank Canvas? about it today and have been slowly filling it in every hour/two hours or so.

My colours started out as non-descript today and have been going through various mixes today as the day has progressed, degressed and progressed again.

I was just starting to balance out this morning when l took on the sombre task of placing Jake into his forever casket. You don’t know Jake, but he was a lovely German Shepherd Dog that was alive up until 2013, when he was put to sleep. He was sadly too young when he had to leave aged between 5 and 6, but he was very poorly.

I don’t know his specific age, but Jake’s ashes have lived with me since 2015. His owners, Suze’s daughter and family moved to Australia and they couldn’t take Jake with them, and l said l would have him, and he could live beside Dora who passed away in 2014. But he lived in a plastic bag in a cardboard box from the pet crematorian and l decided that simply wasn’t good enough for him. So l bought him a lovely casket last month which arrived yesterday, and so this morning l interred his ashes to the casket and l hope he feels happier for no longer living in a bag in a box. I now have Dora and Jakes caskets in my office.

Suze and l have said that when we own our own home we will bury all our dogs there as a final resting place. Of course Jake wasn’t our dog, but Suze and he bonded so very well and it seemed wrong that the true owners could do nothing with him. It seemed right to take the responsibility of his ashes on board. I feel happier knowing that l have done something to help. Strangely enough whilst sorting his ashes out, l felt calmer and my spirits lifted.

I will have a proper plaque made up for him.

As to my canvas, l am okayish, but my colours are all over the place still somewhat – some times are just, well, like this, when we are all over the place.

Dear Blog ……

9 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 16.15 – 02/08/19

  1. Don’t forget that you have to step back to see the canvas as a whole. That corner, or that bit there in the middle, may look like the colors clash or are too dull or too vibrant, but when you step back and look at the whole thing you’ll see the picture of a life *lived*.

      1. Bright colors (good start today) with lots of blue on the edges because Ben goes on three weeks of break after today. The color yellow will be missing until the 26th. There are a couple black/purple/green blobs because I just read about that site taking our stuff. Bruise colors.
        The day is young…just went 10am, so we’ll see how it goes.

  2. I was always black apart from a fleeting experiment with pink leg warmers. But a white cat(s) messed the black thing up, so it’s white all the way. Poor little girl, it’s not easy watching them get old.

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