4 Paws Diary – Ep 43

Episode 43

4 Paws Diary

02nd August 2019

Dude??? Where’s my Chicken and an Update!!

Pawt 2

Hey Gang,

I know, l know and yes l know, like what’s going on?? This pawt 2 was supposed to be last week! Well as we all know, some things just don’t go to plan all the time right? Last week, dad or rather the dude burned my chicken in the oven!! Oh the indignation of it all!!! It meant that l couldn’t have chicken for the day! I have to be honest and say l was a bit put out about it all!

Dad was running around like a headless chicken himself – l mean it didn’t worry me, admittedly there was some kind of funny smell in the house and l could see something that was there but wasn’t there almost like it was floating in the air and as soon as l went to go and look, dad was like “Oh no you don’t little lady, you can wait in the conservatory whilst l sort this mess out!” With that he put me into the room and shut the door on me!! On me!! Plus who is HE calling ‘little lady?’ l am older than he! I may be smaller, but l am still big!

I was standing there thinking “Dude, where’s my chicken and why does it smell not really chickenny at all??”

Some time later dad came in and gave me the all clear. There were doors open – window open, in fact everything was open, and the plastic chicken smell was not really there, but it was, but not, it was very strange!! He then told me that he ‘burned my chicken and had to throw it away!’ Well l can tell you l almost cried right there and then, l mean why would anyone throw away good chicken??

I forgave him of course, l mean he can’t help it if he’s not all there, you know??

Anyway, moving along from that l have had a fairly assorted week. Dad has been telling me l MUST keep my series up – which is all well and good, but he forgets that for most of this week, well all of it, he has been inside the new box room, l mean you couldn’t even swing a cat in here, who knows what his game is?

IMG_1061 (2)

Although on the brighter side of life, l am closer to him these days and the bed seems to be more comfortable as well in here, although it’s a bit odd. I never used to fall over my bed! But l did so last night, and now l am a biiiiiiiiit more achy than l want to be, and mummy has become a mummy hen, reeeeeeeeeally back to chicken already!? Mummy’s been really really upset today, l keep telling her l am fine, but come on l am like the oldest one in this house, well not if you add dad and mum’s ages together then they are really old, so l think l am entitled to be a bit doddery on my four legs!

IMG_1053 (2)

I have been really active this week at home … well l have to be, l only get one walk a day now!! So l have been helping in the garden, it’s really cool right down the bottom of the garden, there is this huuuuuuuuuuge water bowl!! Mummy said “Noooo Scrappy’s that’s dirty!” Dad said, “Dogs have this thing that filters it, and it’s not dirty it’s fresh rain water!” Mummy then said but l just had to scoop out a snail!!” I said, “I eat cat poop, does that help?” Mummy shut up then … go figure?

IMG_1049 (2)

I helped with the desk move the other day as well and let dad take clickitty’s of me, until l got bored …..

IMG_1068 (3)

IMG_1071 (2)

Dad, enough, l am now bored!

IMG_1073 (2)

Anyway, l am good now gang, a bit more cricketty, a bit more doddery! But l am still here, and now with the oven all good again, l have chicken, and my fish, and my dog food and well … l am here till l am not!

Doesn’t get much simpler than that does it?

On a side note, been a hive of activity here today as well. Dad’s been ranting off about some Tygress or something stealing words from people so not happy about that, and he sold his computer and didn’t get the price he should of done.  He said “How can l sell a computer for £300, that l paid £1000 for 4 years ago, that l just paid £70 for to service  and still have to throw in a 24” curved screen just to make the sale? The world is filled with “something really naughty that sounded like ducking or something;’ anyway thieves!!”

Never a dull moment here folks!!

Thanks for reading folks, catch you all soon! So …

Till then, Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

11 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary – Ep 43

  1. Ah Scrappy, Zeus keeps telling me that we 2leggeds are strange and very confusing. You seem to have done an excellent job of supervising the moving to the box room, very good fourpawson!

    I know what dad is grumbley about. It has quite a few of us upset. Don’t worry though. I don’t think it will affect your chicken.

    Zeus says we 2leggeds make amusing faces when we’re grumbley. He suggests you have a lie down and watch. He says it’s almost as fun as chasing a ball.

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