Winters’ Draw


Winter’s Draw

‘Tis here, long gone now is the suns’ heated warming,
For wintry cold breath is present in the mornings,

Shivering is but a sensation of the here and now,
Not for months, will we again wipe our sweated brows,

Free of summers’ glistening hard earned stain,
Now we have to suffer the brittle frosty pains,

Of cold winds and freezing damp bitterness,
Interrupted only briefly by the winters’ sunny caress,

Blistering frozen rains falling each and every day,
Upon once hardened fields that gladly gave up their hay,

Barren wastelands we will now easily become,
Dying colours fading away from the summer long gone,

Over casting miserably grey skies constant within our views,
Replacing the laziness of the easier summer hues,

A stark nakedness of our lands, now feeling the wrath,
Of natures’ cruelly freezing winters’ drawing path!

© Rory Matier 2016


17 thoughts on “Winters’ Draw

    1. Exactly, l am hoping to go somewhere warm this year. I am desperate for a break, been way to much stress of late. Hate UK winter as a season, preferring the other three.

      1. Yep it gets you like that doesn’t it? One of the reasons I moved here – wall to wall sunshine today and warm enough to eat lunch outside if you keep your jumper on 😉xx

        1. Funnily enough, when l lived on the Isle of Wight Lisa, that was a similiar environmental climate, not like yours, but the winter l experienced there was still way better than mainland UK 🙂

  1. Winter in SoCal means ugg boots instead of sandals and the thick hoodie. And that’s just the way I like it! We might get a few nights when it gets frosty but they’re rare.
    Snow and all that is pretty to look at, possibly visit…not to live in.

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