Off The Wall


Off The Wall

Drives me insane, being so damned cautious,
Rather be off the wall, to the point of nauseous,
It worries people, who like it easy,
And humours those who like their laughs cheesy!

Hellfire, and great chocolaty balls of lava,
Acting nutty as a fruitcake, adds to life full flavour,
Speeding down the highway at full throttle,
Displays to the weary, guts can come in the bottle!

Wacky and bizarre behaviours are not actual sins ,
Although legally some might argue with bathtub gin,
Jeepers, you are only young once, even if just at heart,
So stop pretending to be so straight laced and fart!

Crazy, adulterous mischievousness is an extreme sport,
Much better than having to suffer from venereal warts,
Ouch, just the luck of the poorly educated sinner,
Stupidly misinformed and novice beginner!

Happiness can be derived from pure undiluted lunacy,
Genius artists have used in throughout time, prima facie,
Demented playtimes, can be seen as harmless fun,
Remembering of course, not to hide but to run!

Madness comes in a hat, and can be called madcap,
Get it wrong, white jacket for your silly mishap,
Barking at the moon, is easier than up the wrong tree,
Werewolves do it all the time, Oooher mystery!

Manic behaviour is now acceptable, it seems,
As long as you lick off the custard from the creams,
So unbutton your shirt, and expose all to the world,
Irrelevant that they will see you as troubled!

Relax, Frankie says it all ok, don’t do it
Unless you are willing to bite the bullet, or was it biscuit?
Who says it is not okay, to be completely doolally?
Just because it’s written, does not mean verbally!

So come along, hang with me off the wall,
Trust me l am a doctor, l know the capital of Nepal,
Together we all can be fruit loopy, in a bowl,
Better to be unrestrained, than live in a blocked hole!

© Rory Matier 2015


10 thoughts on “Off The Wall

  1. My students and daughter would definitely say this is me. I retaliate against normalcy! I join thee, A Guy Called Bloke, in the not-so-secret society of the blandness-slashing clan of The Zanies. Never fear, we will set you free, hypnotized, dead-inside zombies!

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