Dear Blog – 23.03 – 30/07/19

In a nutshell …..

Busy day, knackered, even Scrappy is knackered – it’s a tough job being a fourpawson and watching people get tired and then become knackered.

I have had a very busy day, productive most assuredly, painful 100%!

But it’s been a healthy pain awarded!  If l keep saying that to myself, l should believe that …right?

Declutterings … tiring work.

Discuss more tomorrow, have to crash now.

Dear Blog ……

18 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 23.03 – 30/07/19

    1. Has done for the last few nights in truth, now l am l think ‘body wise’ officially off the tramadol, the ibrupfens don’t really hit the pain levels that well, and of course this week especially, with everything going on, the shoulder is caning. Stomach cramps don’t help, can survive one, but two extreme pain levels make the days tougher, and completely knacker me out early. I am getting up earlier to boot, constantly playing catch up with reading blogs, failing many a time, plus this week has been seriously busy with all the changes ongoing.

      Things are slowly coming together, but there have been some really serious declutterings going on at the same time and that’s tiring by itself.

      Long range eveything is going to plan … ish.

      1. I’d suggest having the tramadol for the really bad nights to help sleep. One here or there shouldn’t be any worse than ibuprofen.
        You’re double damned with the shoulder & the gut. Sucks!
        Hugs! Goodnight JB.

        1. If l take the Trams they screw up my stomach further by attacking the candida full on, so l would either have to start the T’s again full time which l really don’t want to do because they falsify the stomach lining with chemicals and everytime l come off l go through this again. The trams were fine for pain reliefish, but l made the decision to come off them for the right reasons. What’s happened, is that the injury hasn’t healed and of course with physio lord knws when any exercise l do is potentially dangerous anyway.

          Hopefully as soon as l can get the guy flora back, the cramps will disappear 🙂

          NN Grandma

    1. Yes it was Barb, there’s a lot of stuff going on here, physically, practically and mentally – l’ll be discussing it the new positivity series l have planned to start next month in full swing, but currently we are experiencing The Big D which l will discuss hopefully tonight or tomorrow in Dear Blog 🙂

      So yes, a good tired it was 🙂

  1. Decluttering is definitely hard work! I hope you were able to actually sleep! You probably did after all the work you did! Give scrappy pats for me! xoxo

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