Murphy Cursed Me Totally Today!

Murphy Cursed Me Totally Today!

You know those days?
Those ones that never go right?
Doesn’t matter what you do, they’re still beset by delays,
.. and the positivity drops from sight!

Well they always seem to follow me around,
Like not one lost puppy, but a couple of dozen,
A time, being mischievous and profound,
Buzzing, bugging and totally confuddling!
Well that’s been my today, again!
A day hampered by a bucket load of muck,
Typically a real irksome drain on the brain!
By a cheeky Life that doesn’t give a …

What?? Surely, you’re having a giraffe!”
It was all supposed to be, supposed to be easy peasy!
The world’s having a bloody laugh,
At my expense, it’s just plain mean and sleazy!

Why oh why, l have to ask myself YET again?
Do such well-oiled, carefully thought out and scheduled plans,
Go horribly wrong, derail and cause dumbfuddling cranial pain?
Taking me back to the point before l even started and began!!

This adventure of ours! It would be nice if just once,
These events went well and without a hitch,
But no, l am the blessed victim of recurrence!
… with Life throwing razor blades at me like a bitch!

Why, whyyyyyyy, WHY oh bloody sodding why?
Honestly whatever else am l to think?
As l watch helplessly and shriek, curse, yell and cry,
Observing a weeks’ worth of planning fall into the drink!
Stuttering, bluffering and rolling to a complete standstill,
Probably a deliberate move by some debauched entity,
Who finds  chemically unbalanced mentality a bizarre thrill,
I’ll have you know, It’s not the slightest bit funny
I am the first to say that, directly right out loud,
Because l was there, totally, totally unamused,
Sour faced, disappointed and looking like a mushroom cloud!
Never mind reeling and feeling like l had been abused!

If it could go wrong today, it did – it really, really did!
Reminding me of my old chum, Murphy and his sodding law,
That fella should have kept his mouth wired shut! I kid,
… you Not! Next time l see him, he’ll be eating through a straw!

Did we achieve anything that we had set out to do?
Mm, let me think, properly here …. erm NO! Okay, maybe a little bit!
However l choose to look at it – the main day ran off to Timbuktu,
Proving once again, that Life and Murphy can be little shits!

Oh well such is the way of luck l feel, filled with bumps and frowns,
I have a week ahead of me to get it sorted out, and then start to play,
To resolve all the technical issues and the maddening ups and downs,
Caused by none other than the Law of Murphy who cursed me totally today!

© Rory Matier 2019

Dedicating this to Angie of King Ben’s Grandma she’ll know why.

8 thoughts on “Murphy Cursed Me Totally Today!

    1. Hey Sadje, hahahahahahahaha where do l start! From the beginning, but l am beginning to ask where the beginning was. 🙂

      A huge challenge and a major learning lesson 🙂

      Suze did fantastically, but still Murphy was against us both.

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