Dear Blog – One of THOSE Days!

One of THOSE Days!

The truths behind the creation of Murphy Cursed Me Totally Today!

Yesterday was a day, that could have gone better, it was a day that if anything was going to go wrong it was going to be yesterday! The good news is that yesterday didn’t disappoint anyone – because what could go wrong, went wrong! I hope that has confused y’all, because that it is how yesterday was – frustrating and confusing. However, it was a huge humungus learning curve and today l am in brighter spirits and upbeat again.

Now before l go on, we all have strengths and weaknesses, and of the many, these attributes are relevant between Suze and myself that were reflective in regards to yesterday.


 I am more patient with people than material things and systems and computers.

I am not patient with myself and my own stresses, quirks and weaknesses.

I am NOT computer tech savvy.


Suze is very patient with me, my quirks, stresses and weaknesses

Suze is very patient with systems and computers.

Suze is not computer tech savvy but more so than me.

Anyway, yesterday was the day that l was to move from my normal ‘office space in the house’ to the smaller room next door. You may recall last weekend that the furniture was moved and set up and that this weekend just gone l was to move all the computer stuff. My previous set up had been my old gamers Beast pc and dual screens, and the new set up was to be with the new Hp Envy computer and multiscreens [3] which was to serve for a number of different projects between now and this time next year.

Most notably, it is the gearing to my business which l have been studying for the last few months, hyperfocusing on success and as well more projects that tie in with the blog and the business.

IMG_1056 (2)

Old office breaking down

Principally, l needed a smaller space than the space l had which was too large and my old office would become Suze’s new workspace and creativity den. Now all that is working fine, and that is coming together albeit slowly, but the old office space is now breaking down and come Thursday when the carpet gets cleaned in there it’ll make a nice roomy fresh start for Suze’s confidence and creativity development.

Everything is downsizing here, and my old desk was just way too large and not totally functional and so has to go to another home owner somewhere. Plus l had gotten lazy, that big screen on the far left on the image above is a television, but also a huge distraction – needed to stop having that so close!

The TV is going to stay in that room, because as we build Suze’s room up, it also serves as a night time chill out spot for me to relax in before l go to bed each night instead of walking down into the loungeroom where the bigger TV is. But Suze and l are looking at incorporating a chill out section into this old space for us both.

IMG_1060 (2)

Mm, some things were just destined to never quite pan out for the best!

The old PC l had is a huge custom built gamer’s machine that is a brilliant machine for someone who does a lot of hard core gaming like l used to, but l don’t need its capabilities these days. But it’s being repaired this week and refurbished as one of its drivers l think has blown. Once done, l can sell it and get some nice money back which will go into the new PC’s costs.

Also my old space set up, was not as functional for my actual health, and the new set up is more ergonomical  to my actual needs as you’ll see in time …. or when it doesn’t look like a mushroom cloud explosion has gone off in here! It’s smaller and more cosier but more of a hyperfocus den. My new PC is a size smaller but strangely enough twice as powerful as the Beast! Go figure technology! It’s ‘geared’ up for different projects as said … well, ha ha ha mm, apart from a small glitch that proved a problem yesterday! Which is my own fault, but where there is a will, there is a way … also if you can find the right techhead you can solve any issue! He’s here tomorrow.

IMG_1058 (2)

Scrappy is still getting used to the fact that her food will stay in the old space, but not her bed.

We started the transition of computer administration yesterday around lunchtime but by around 8pm, we had to stop because things were simply not going to work the way of the so called ‘well oiled carefully scheduled plan’ detailed them to!

The first real glitch, was with the Word administration package which Suze said she would cover, and l wouldn’t have to buy because she had her own version which allowed her to cover other devices. That went in smoothingly, but we soon realised something was wrong and it was to do with the smart intelligence of the new PC Envy as that then would only recognise her as the administrator and in order for me to use my own computer l would have to almost triple sign in.

It became a 2 hour nightmare alone, as in the end l had to buy a new Office 365 package for myself anyway. Then even when we uninstalled Suze’s package it still recognised her as the prime administrator!! Ha ha. In the end, l am now the administrator, but Suze is still here in various programmes, so Mr Techhead will have to sort that out tomorrow because l cannot install the programmes l had in the Beast, as the Envy see’s Suze as the main user for some programmes. So that has caused a delay for this week, but it’s small in comparison to some other issues!

The second serious issue really arrived with the setting up of the multiscreens, of which whilst l had dual screens previous, l wanted three for this set up.  I am currently using two platforms on one screen, not impossible, but tricky when you have become acquainted with working with a platform browser on individual screens – you just have to remember to switch browsers.

But the first fault came with the curved monitor in the second image. I have brackets here now, whereas l didn’t before, and the second screen decided to not have its holes in the right place … well it did and it didn’t. The first screen on an ergonomic scale is set at my right eye sight level to help my eye health and keep my posture correct to help with my neck and shoulder. But with the back of the second screen having a different configuration this mean that it would sit lower on the bracket and l would have to look down at it, rather than straight on – not good. So the second screen had to be taken off and will now be sold with the refurbished computer.

IMG_1059 (2)

The old office looking considerably bare.

IMG_1057 (2)

This space leads into the garden, which will be much better for the outdoorsy Suze.

This means a new second screen had to be purchased, which arrives tomorrow. The first two screens are 24’s, but the third screen is a 27, and the dual bracket is for a maximum size of 24″ only, so we couldn’t even put that up in it’s place! Gotta laugh, l wasn’t yesterday and neither was Suze. But hey ho, we figured what else could go wrong?

Well, let me tell you!! Whilst we had the second in situ before it was taken down we started to establish the dual screening process only to discover another small glitch we didn’t know about. The Beast computer was a custom built gamers pc, that l had also wanted to have dual screening with and so the builder added a very strange looking fitment on the end of one of the cables which enabled the pc to perform dual screening. Great, until you realised that cable connection was NOT going to fit inside the Envy’s available slots!

So then the real game started, which took four hours and at the end of it, well l still have one screen only obviously but we need the techhead to come in tomorrow and hopefully sort this out as well, as in multiscreening. Because despite us playing with HDMI splitters and wires and cables, we couldn’t even get the damn dual screening to work!

Haha!! Again dear readers, l can laugh heartily now, NOT so yesterday!

Okay, no problem, shit happens!

But what else went wrong? Well l’ll tell you! The seat l have been using for months went and broke its seat!!? I am sitting on it now, but there’s some kind of hard spiky bit penetrating into regions l never thought would feel that!! So, l have to buy a new seat! That’s not here till the 3rd!

Dayum, that’s a long time to have a spiky bit poking you! I have been hard on the seat, as it is not a seat that is ideal for sitting in over long periods of time. Considering that in one shape or another l sit in front of screens for roughly 15 hours a day be that blogging, studying, reading or business. But also, with the way l was having to sit with my shoulder and neck, l had leaned too far on one side and basically, l am the culprit to the break, it just could not have picked a better day to decide to lower its game!

However, l had been thinking of getting a ‘ergonomic’ seat for a time, so well it’ll arrive next weekend.

But guess what else?

I have now got Office 365 in situ on my pc, and despite having Win 10, the guy who built the machine had put in a different admin package and well it was Word, but NOT Office 365!! So now, all the transferred programmes and files are sitting in a different set up and l am having to get used to them. It’s not the end of the world – as we discussed last week challenges are great for the soul, but sometimes, well sometimes you just don’t need a dozen all at once!

You know?

Ha ha … well there we go, life’s like that at times. Gives me something to do today for sure, to now sort through lord knows how many photo images and documents. But it’s good … ish!

The last little error and there were others along the way, but Madam la Scrappy has been successfully moved ‘bed’ wise into the new set up, was very grumbly about it yesterday ….. not so grumbly now eh? So l’ll leave on that note with a totally chilled out dog, asleep, snoring, peaceful and happy listening to her old man’s trance!

IMG_1061 (2)

Dear Blog ……


17 thoughts on “Dear Blog – One of THOSE Days!

  1. I started a household purge/ reorganization a few months back and I can definitely relate to this post. Overwhelmed is an understatement. But one day everything started falling into place. Every space has a purpose and is so easy to clean now. I hope your office transition falls into place soon. 😀

    1. Hey Kamber.

      Suze and l have been downsizing for about a year – not everyday, that would just be sinful if we had that kind of clutter ha ha. But for the last 12 months we have been going through a minimialisation process – things we need need and not just keep for the sake of it being there.

      In the last year l offloaded 600 books, 1200 dvd’s, clothing between the two of us close to half a tonne ha ha, and general household clutter is a constant issue – but we hope to finally have it sorted by the end of this year.

      Where we are is too big a property we got it because of Scrappy, but next year we are downsizing property to a smaller more manageable garden, and one room less than here has 🙂

      But yes very much so, everything now has its place, much easier to clean 🙂

      MUCH!! 🙂

  2. I get it now! Computers can really make one miserable. Specially if you’re setting up a new one. I had a lot of issues with my office 365 installation. But lucky for me I took it to the Microsoft store and they had to spend around 2 hours to sort it out. Next time get the family package of office. Then both of you can use it.

    1. Well we did look at that, but because we both work at home, neither one of us wanted to clutter each other up too much with documents.

      But computers are a nightmare when they don’t go to plan, yesterday in this office we had me, Scrappy, Suze, me, Murphy, Life and Misfortune lol, it is hardly surprising it was getting heated. When you see the images you’ll see the difference, l have made a 60% reduction on space here, and with the blind down even now, the sun outside makes this place reeeeeeeal warm! 🙂

  3. Dogs adapt so much more easily than humans. Scrappy looks very peaceful in her bed (despite hanging over the edge, which I take is the way she sleeps?) In the near future I’ll have “Roku” to figure out as I cut off the satellite service last week. I HOPE it works, because I have certain ‘tech’ skills, but other things just elude and frustrate me to the point of having to call a real professional in. It seems to be a matter of ‘grow with the times’ doesn’t it?

    1. Hey Melanie, yes this is how Scrappy sleeps in her spaceship doughnut, it is so funny at times. Finding her the right bed as a quest started in 2015, we must have gone through 6 brands before we finally found she loved a brand called Wolfie beds and now this is her bed brand and yes, dogs are so remarkably adaptable – l have learned a lot from Scrappy this year 🙂

      Roku, is that the Japanese streaming system?

  4. You said it right: life’s like that at times 🙂 and computers can create a lot of headaches 🙂
    Scrappy at least looks very peaceful 🙂

    1. Hey Ribana, Scrappy loves this room, her bed is just now opposite my desk and so she can see me at all times …plus she is a big lover of music , and even bigger lover of that bed 🙂

        1. Very much so, she seems healthier in herself which is good considering everything else going on in her health. She has now finally started to accept that she only has one walk a day, and now looks hyperforwards to her one walk of the day. One walk and now her legs are able to recover making life much easier for her, we are very pleased 🙂

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