A Thousand Love Songs!


A Thousand Love Songs

Oh come on, l mean not to appear overly cynical,
But this love game is for the innocent,
The reality of a broken heart is nothing but brutal,
And in all seriousness, valuable time misspent!

Sure we can listen to a thousand love songs all week,
And be carried away by a particular moment in time,
Convincing us that perhaps our next love will be ‘truly’ unique,
When in truth, it will probably again end in goodbye!

Love songs are ten a penny for those foolish enough to listen,
And thinking with their head stuck again in fairy clouds,
Yet if they were honest perhaps they should do some reminiscing,
Before falling for the great cupid and becoming enshrouded,


In the plague known as ‘falling in love’, that is always so ‘dreamy’,
Young unbroken hearts believing that this time is forever,
Unknowing that ‘the supposed forever saga’ is just as painful as acne!
Damagingly awkward leaving the mind in a state of constant fever!

Oh yes, for that alone it must be worth the effort, l guess,
Not knowing whether you are coming or going,
Your head in a painful spin, your stomach a complete mess,
And forget not your swollen and confused heart bleeding,

Trying to validate the processes coursing through your mind,
Living in a time frame that has no open windows,
Irrelevant really in all honesty, for what now is time?
Now walking like one of the dead and everyone needs to know!


That it is because you are in true love and nothing else matters,
Nay, nothing now, anything at all, because of this thing called love,
Which allows a person to wander around like a sickened creature,
Head stuck in the clouds and singing the praises of the Almighty above,

Whom before this wondrous time in your life, was cursed as a whore,
Because it was obviously God that destroyed that merriest of time,
That you had with the previous ‘loved one of ‘afore!’
But not you or not the fact that perhaps they were not the one destined,

To be the truest of loves indeed for your ‘oh so’ rewarding heart,
But hey, when one is in love, nothing as said matters any more,
Each morning becomes a ‘beautiful day’ and you cannot wait to start,
Torturing your already aching mind and soul for the one that you so adore!


Aye, l may indeed be overly cynical of this game of love,
I cannot deny l too have been down this bleary path,
When everything is golden and l have seen white doves,
Not forgetting the romantic inclinations that come with this bloodbath!

For when it goes horribly wrong, it soon becomes a nightmare,
All those fantastic times you shared together entangled,
In a mental love hate battle that boils over into open warfare!
Of two broken hearts that are no longer marvelled!

Nor enamoured with each other or any of the others’ parts,
Yes, this is what happens when it all goes terribly wrong,
And two loved ones break each other’s hearts,
It is then quite possibly that one such love song,


Comes into a renewed life of its very own,
Baccarat’s ‘I’ll never fall in love again’ echoes true,
In every wretchedly torn apart heart that is now painfully alone,
Retreating backward and not wishing to be viewed,

Until the next time that the now learned heart starts to venture forwards,
Cautiously this time, not falling so easily,
More aware of the pain that a broken heart affords,
To the foolish listener of love songs who is always so carefree!

© Rory Matier 2015



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11 thoughts on “A Thousand Love Songs!

  1. I really like this poem!!
    The giddiness of a new infatuation IS a wonderful feeling. It’s a kind of high.
    True, deep, enduring love takes work from both people. My ex was my best friend. If he hadn’t turned from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde with his potion of alcohol, we’d probably still be together.

    You’d think the people would’ve had enough of silly love songs… All written during the “high” of new infatuation.

    1. Indeed, l am a romantic at heart cynical perhaps, but still present – l still shed a tear on some films lol! If Suze asks, l always say ‘No, curses, something is in my bloody eye!’

      1. Well yeah! The Notebook kills me every time! But that’s not real life. There definitely can be *moments* like that in a relationship, but only after all the work has been put into it.
        I’m a big crybaby too. Proud of it!!

  2. I just adore this poem. I know there are certain love songs that bring back memories of my late ex-husband. They use to hurt when listening to them, but I look at them as fond memories of times gone by. I wish they were never given up on.

      1. Yes, works both ways. It is that we are programmed to think of love as something magical, whereas it’s an ordinary emotion that make ordinary into extraordinary.

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