The World is not as we know it .. Gothically Nasty


The World is not as we know it .. Gothically Nasty

Shadows of old hauntings follow unto me,
Drifting through times of tortured pain,
Hideously and darkly twisting what l see,
Agonising spectres floating within my head again,
Beckoning me towards their grisly deeds,
Suffocating my freedom of thought entwined,
Endlessly scourging my insides out in need,
Of devouring my soul in mockingly unkind,

Howls of slow to emerge pain of death,
Misery and sorrow from horror of secret,
Gatherings from afore when whispered breath,
Did foretell of misgivings best forget,
World of darkness never ceases to exist,
Religious beliefs hold it so damningly close,
To chests of sacred ones hiding hollow twists,
Desperate to not reveal emotions deeply morose,

Of when time no longer holds life ever more,
Politicians too, harbour agendas of deepest grave,
Meaning, and afraid to allow us all,
To see, speak or even behave,
In manner befitting mankind’s advance upon sins,
Unlocking depravity and ridding its presence,
Screaming worlds falling apart and grinning,
Without mercy, yet upholding constant pretence!

That evil lurks deep in the minds of the innocent too,
And not just the menacing zealots of darkness,
Crowding the closing walls of time true,
Beauty now a trailing reminder of life’s carcass,
Don’t be fooled not by what you see nor hear,
For we all are torn to sunder each and every day,
By powers whom control our minds’ fear,
Convincing us all is well, when they do so damningly betray,

Humankind with all their devilry and device,
They play upon our thoughts and freedom,
Challenging what is righteous and entice,
Us with foulest deeds of what can be done,
Yet offer only the keys to the gates of hell,
And not unchain the perils of an easier life,
For fear we could and perhaps would take them well,
And rise amongst us with glinting terror upon knife,

Realise they not, the strength that lieth in wait,
To an angry populace, when nightmares of old,
Ensnare the mind of misery and of hate,
As was once centuries ago so told,
Fear may swallow us for time being,
But dread will rise and take again what is ours,
Awakened politics and religions again seen,
From afore, when ancients yielded true powers!

© Rory Matier 2013

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