Broken Communication’s


Bro …

… ken Communications

Am somewhat confused, I have to concede with the final decision,
From the service provider of instant communications,
After days of discussing the problem with the various divisions,
Concerning my Internet hiccup or technical abrasion!

On the Sunday just passed, my router did so stop,
A cable decided enough was enough and it snapped,
The connection no longer stable, just went pop,
And my accessibility to surf was instantly capped!
A quick phone call remedied the situation,
Or so they led me to believe,
Replacements would be sent to fix the application,
So my stay of absence would be reprieved!
These new parts were to arrive at no cost,
And would be with me by no later than tomorrows’ mid-morning,
So no major surfing time would be lost,
And l would not be thrust into mourning!

Alas the following day, mid-morning came and went,
So did early and late afternoon, a call for status,
Revealed difficulties and the items not sent,
But tomorrow would l so receive the apparatus!
Tomorrow arrived and all l had received,
Was but a small envelope and two booklets,
Cannot pretend that l did not feel deceived,
And convinced that my needs had not been met!
Upon calling yet again at my convenience,
To enquire upon the dispatch status was it revealed,
Was that any spare parts would be at my expense,
If they decided the problem was unreal?


One call into technical was redirected to sales,
And sales redirected me to billing, which sent me to dispatch,
Who in reality did not exist and demanded to know details,
Of the problem to see if they could try to latch,
Me onto the right department to resolve my issue,
They then transferred me back into technical,
Who said they knew not who l was, and connected me to revenue,
Themselves bewildered as to what l wanted and were somewhat sceptical,
Transferred out yet again and back l was with billing,
Who again transferred me into sales and parts?
And they did so enquire as to whether l wanted printing?
But apologised all the same for all the false starts!

By this time l had explained the problem over and over,
To seven such divisions of the service provider,
Renowned for its reputation with the ‘blower’,
Yet unable to actually communicate with each other?


Finally a voice broke the silence and said they could assist,
So once more did l so inform them of the actuality,
For them to basically say ‘NO’, this took the piss!
The problem was mine, and l should face the reality!
The black broadband cable with two grey ends,
Was not their responsibility but mine,
And sadly they were quite simply unable to make amends,
Without imposing upon me a hefty fine!
That l needed to buy myself a newer cable,
In so doing this would remedy the Internet,
But they were quite simply unable,
To have my requirements met!
They apparently only provide the service and not the equipment,
And the initial apparatus that was delivered,
Was purely for me to grasp what was meant,
So that l could stop from being bewildered?
When l argued that it was in fact the clip at the end,
That had broken, and not the bloody cable,
Again they simply answered that they could not mend,
They were service providers and not angels!

I asked of the guarantee they so awarded to customers,
For the equipment they provided to use their service,
They responded that they were just conductors,
And that l should consider a fresh purchase!
‘What about this Sunday just gone?’
‘Where upon l was informed it was at no cost?’
Their answers were simple, ‘They were wrong’,
And all details to the conversation are lost!
With that l was more or less thrown into oblivion,
For they said that unless there was more help required today,
They had fairly resolved the situation,
And they wished me the best for the rest of the day!!!

I cannot help but feel, that l have been brutalised to the core,
This so called service provider in instant communications,
Is nothing short of a money grabbing good for nothing what for!
Hell bent on practising technical witchcraft and psychological frustrations!


© Rory Matier 2014


8 thoughts on “Broken Communication’s

  1. Last year I had several go-rounds with the waste management company that collects the trash/recycle/yard waste bins. They took my bins. I’d been paying for service in my name but since it’s a rental, they had a duplicate account for the property owner…for the houses on either side of me. (He owns all three). It took a week to get my bins back. I was ready to cause bodily harm to someone by the end of that week…whew!

  2. Ya” that sounds tipical, your need a microscope to read the fine print saying their not replacing anything 😠. ❤️✌️


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