Don’t Blink Too Quick!

My last episode in this series was on the 17th July, so literally only 8 days ago. Some of you may recall the lead in image l used for the post itself, if not panic not look below… far left full fruit image.

Now last week’s Wednesday was the day the last post was published and at that time, our apricots were just starting to ripen up, they were very tart. 8 Days later and also, one spot heatwave, which as an example here in Kent on the coast today we are experiencing 32-34 – which is considerably hot, and from memory much hotter than it was this time last year.

IMG_0973 (2)

The courgettes look good, don’t they?? They are not yet ready, but we have to harvest them later on tonight, because if we don’t by tomorrow they will be double that size and a mourgette!!

In those 8 days, something very strange has happened to much of our fruit and vegetables – many have gone from being ready to ripen or approach harvest to too old and rotting!  The apricots above are a classic example. They have not been picked and discarded, they have simply dropped off ready for harvesting, but rotten to the core!

I still am somewhat surprised many times when l hear people make reference to the points that our world is NOT experiencing problems with climatic change and global warming issues …. really? Our seasons are in a nutshell, buggered.

IMG_0974 (2)

The beans are mostly inedible, they travel from almost small to large and old before you know it??

The apricots are not the only victims to this scourging and blighting upon healthy crops, l have been experiencing this on quite a few of the crops this season. One minute courgettes have gone from awaiting a picking to suddenly becoming ‘mourgettes’ or just marrows!.

The middle image is the crop in the last few days alone, it should be Marrow and several courgettes, what it actually is, is marrow, mourgette and courgettes. What’s wrong with this picture sequence? Image 1, far right is a mourgette or a courgette that was ripe ready for harvesting and in the blink of an eye overnight developed into a massive mourgette! The courgettes on the far right image were half the size the previous night, and doubled overnight, but are not yet ripe, we have had to harvest them and allow them to ripen up manually.

Sadly the apricots which stood at about 120 fruit last week awaiting ripening, grew too fast and aged even faster, and with the unexpected heat proceeded to rot on the branch – crop lost.

There has been a lot of disappointment this season if l was pushed to provide crop figures l would have to take the fifth! The potatoes harvested earlier this week by Suze and Scrappy yielded a terrible result. One box produced the quantity below, which may look good to some, but this time last year we have three times this amount. We have one box left to harvest and who knows what they are likely to yield.

The tomatoes are free from any blight, and are starting to develop pretty well … so far, but Suze and l will have to be ever mindful to simply NOT blink!

The three images from the left – Greenhouse, middle and right garden – are on track, and the dwarf varieties are also all on track considering their size … well as in they are dwarves and supposed to be small, unless we blink and tomorrow they are triffids!

Thankfully the Tomatillo’s are still happy beans – well, we hope so! However, they are working well as a trio, and this plant does really love it when it is hot, hot, sizzling hot, so that’s good!

The greenhouse is faring marginally better in a protected environment – however Suze and l have already started planning our season 4 for next year. We will have way less produce on the go, because it’s a non viability against economical pressures. But we are looking at possibly buying a polytunnel and this would enable us to manage our maintenance and sustainability a bit more. But equally, we will use the square foot 9 configuration available to square foot gardening using pots over beds.


However as good as this looks and appears, fruit yields are again very low, we had way more peppers last year from the same quantity of plants, our aubergines were already being harvested even with later plantings and the tomatoes were admittedly starting to ripen. But we had cucumbers, this year, flowers, stalks and foliage, but as of yet no druits have appeared.

IMG_0978 (2)

What we DO have is quite possibly the birthplace of the world’s greenfly population!

IMG_0979 (2)

IMG_0980 (2)

Oh well, it’s all a big huge learning curve eh? At least the Avocado is still having fun and eager to outgrow everything else!! But then ha ha, we are not expecting anything from her – maybe that’s the secret – to not actually grow for edible crops! No, that’s not fair, we have had crops this year, typically and rather ironically, we have had to give most of them away. Which tends to make you think … well what on earth are you doing all this for??

IMG_0982 (2)

Thanks for reading everyone, till the next time …

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  1. That’s strange that the peach went from ripening to rotten in a day. The climate change and unpredictability is surely he culprit

  2. I have apples that ripened two months early, and one lonely aubergine..nothing else produced anything this year!

    1. Hey Suze, l am not surprised l am seeing articles about it all the time now, how seasons are skipping several heartbeats almost and travelloing from Monday to Sunday in moments.

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