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I Just Wanted To Say

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It’s Thursday! No point denying it, however you look at it even if it’s not yet Thursday for you it soon will be – have yourselves a totally terrific day folks!

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Quote of the Day

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”

John Wooden

Top Five Tracks

Top Five Tracks Directory

Top 5 Tracks is just that – your top five choices from one of your favourite singers or groups? Just tell me who below and l will dedicate five tracks to you from your favourite artist! Also in addition to suggesting and requesting an artist, please include one of your favourite songs and l will of course include this in the Top 5 Line up for you.

Today we have a Top Five Tracks from a group called The Offspring and l can honestly say l have never heard of them …. have you guessed who these are for yet? So here we go ….. The chosen selected track is “Why Don’t You Get A Job”

Well l have to be honest, l thoroughly enjoyed this!! Good choice  Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

Have yourself a great Thursday!

So what are your Five Tracks Goin’ To Be Then?

It is quite easy you know? 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 tracks. From one artist, or from a group, l can select tracks  or albums even live shows – you just have to tell me what you’d like to hear  -it’s that simple…. So

What’s it goin’ to be then?

go dark

22 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Say

  1. Thank you JB for great tunes and fun memories! I saw these guys in June 2016 with Cheap Trick and Iration. Great show in an outdoor arena.
    I hope when I catch back up with you that you’re having a decent day. 💌💌💌

          1. I love thunderstorms! I love the power and the energy of them. We have very few here.
            Poor Scrappy probably isn’t enjoying the booms☹ Zeus would be barking his Big Dumb head off.

            All this weird weather and the Orange Idiot still doesn’t believe in global warming. Arrggg!

            1. I have Premedied her with these new wipes, she is marginally stressed but not terribly stressed so they are working pretty well.

              I spoke to my vets today we have a contigency plan in place, it means some tough loving with Madam Scrappy, but it will limit her pain whilst being mobile.

              It’s simple, l have been trying for weeks to reduce her two walks down to one walk a day, now it’s a case of just reducing it to one very short walk, she likes to walk out, sniff a bit and come back.

              With one walk only per day, she is able to reduce the impact on her paws and allow her legs to recover a bit that way.

              1. i am sure she will, but it really is a case of just breaking routines now. Old dogs learn new tricks is her credo … or it will be.

                There is no guarantee, but she is eating, alert, functioning toiletry wise, she does sleep.

                It ‘s really more to try and destress her mentally and physically, if we can do that, then well of course there is the lump to address, but if we can get her over this hurdle, then we will have to cross that bridge when we get to it.

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