The Hiding Smile


The Hiding Smile

Why do you hide?

Behind your eyes,
Those portals to your mind,
Shadows protecting your soul,
Whispering cries,
Fearfully exploring whole,
Experiences in life not yet seen,
Yet l see, what is hidden,
From the world,
And am understanding,
Of you, and know,
What it is that lies within,
Awakened yet not,
Dreams of wanting,
To let go, and fly into moonlight,

Just one look…

Deep into those reflective pools,
And l see you and all of your fears,
Shy to touch, but desiring love,
Forgotten thoughts,
Welcoming inwardly,
And yet l see, what others do not,
Have not,

Why is that?

When your smile tells me all,
About you,
In one glance l see the depth of spirit,
That floats within your soul,
Knowing how you are,
And how you feel,
That smile caresses watchful eyes,
And wants so much,
To be touched, oh so lovingly,
To feel secure and safe again,
Praying, hoping that life,
Will begin, as was meant to be,
When life was young,
And love was seen romantically,
You smile, and l smile with you,
Hidden deep, beyond portals,
Known to those who know,

I see you.

© Rory Matier 2013

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