Ideal Date


Ideal Date

Oh Grief, it’s down to me, plan the ideal first date!!
Like why me, how do l know what she might find great?
Is this like a trip to the local pub?
Or something more racy like dancing in a club?
A walk down a country lane with the dogs,
Or nosing around in shrubbery looking for hedgehogs!
How do l know what someone might like to do?
Especially as l don’t know them, to me they are new!
So maybe it’s trip to a fancy restaurant ?
Or a journey to the local nursery buying plants?
Aha, maybe it could be much simpler, a movie!
That’s it, surely that’s kind of cool even groovy!
But does this involve sitting in or watching out?
Or do we have to go somewhere quiet to learn about,
Who we are and what we like in life?
Which sounds stressful and full of complicated strife!
Like l know, it’s a must on a first date and all that,
But they at times, can make one feel like its combat!
So l think to myself what is it l would like to do?
And then l have to tick off items, thinking of you!
Seriously how am l supposed to know, what’s ideal?
All you have said is ‘you decide’ with a pleasurable zeal!
Well l have given this the most incredible thought,
And have become seriously stressed and overwrought!
And come up with the following possibilities,
If we are careful, there should be no liabilities!
Like how about meeting up for a spot of lunch?
Or if the afternoon’s’ not good, late morning brunch?
We could try a trip to the local park or zoo?
That’s always fun, looking at the animals on view,
How about a spot of mini golf, always good for a giggle!
Albeit l am relatively clumsy and have to jiggle,
Or let’s be adventurous, and get our fortunes told!
Mm, although that does sound kind of bold!
What if she foretells some horrible disaster,
And that makes our first date finish even faster!
Perhaps the museum for something arty,
Or even l could take you wine tasting at my friends party?
Oh honestly l don’t know what really is to be done,
I would like to meet you, because you sound like fun,
You came across as a bloody good laugh,
Does it really matter where we go, anywhere is at least a start.

© Rory Matier 2013

16 thoughts on “Ideal Date

        1. Well l got Suze a corker – well Scrappy and l did! Ha ha.

          Scrappy and l didn’t play fair, it was the furballs idea really – Suze said that we wouldn’t exchange cards and the furball stomped down her paw! Declared to me on Tuesday that this would not do, that she wanted to tell Mummy how much she loved her – she will be pawing about it later 🙂

  1. Absolutely my friend – even the Deathstar needs happiness and love 🙂

    You had a comment here Bereaved Single Dad and l saw it, and then it disappeared? I don’t know where it went either, however l answering it here.

        1. I am pleased you are now back on the get go to life Jay – lyn and more pleased you were able to recognise the blip and sort it for your health success 🙂

        2. Thank you Rory. It took a bit it was about 5 days or so. Yesterday I had the revelation have myself a stern talking to and instantly felt better.

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