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Have you ever thought about life currency?

That we only have one shot at life and every time we do stuff as in just random no purpose stuff, wasted stuff, we are spending our currency in life, we are wasting our life currency. We should not waste our life on doing stuff that means nothing, as we are wasting a valuable currency  … our life?

I think about that a lot.

“Meaning, we have to spend our currency as wisely as we can. If when young, if you are investing your time into your professional life, then you are spending your currency wisely, to therefore enjoy that currency when you are older. But you can invest in your life at any age. Change your job, change the way your life is heading – don’t just accept things as they are – make something more – spend the remaining currency that is your life well.”

Rory Matier


“Greatness can only be procured with the currency of time and discipline”

Topsy Gift

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