Where’s The Reset Button??

Where’s The Reset Button??

What was l just saying about seeing if l can make this week go better?? I so need a reset button for today! Maybe just a reset button for the last two hours? I am seemingly an hour behind my day, and if l had that, then what happened an hour ago wouldn’t have happened! I have got to improve my levels of concentration!

So we have these dishes, Pyrex oven dishes and we use them to cook in, they are great as long as you remember to do certain things first. One of those things is remember to take off the non oven lid. We have a set with oven ready lids and a set without oven ready lids!

I have just cooked Scrappy’s chicken in a Pyrex oven dish with a lid on! Sadly however it was a lid that was not oven ready!

What alerted me to this, l hear you ask?

Oh okay, yeah it was the house filled with a nasty blue grey smoke, l only saw it because l was out in the garden and came into check on the stage of the cooked chicken.

IMG_0919 (2)

Plastic headless chicken is maybe the term l would use to describe my alarm – swing into action, turn off oven, oven glove offending dish out, open all windows and doors pronto … turn off the damn now suddenly beeping smoke alarm – which took three attempts alone.

IMG_0918 (2)

Well Madam’s chicken is cooked,  not edible, but cooked, and l have house filled with plastic smell, and an oven trying to not pretend there are not four plastic splodges on its floor with two griddle grills wondering if the plastic drape is a new look for the kitchen! As to the Pyrex bowl? Well who knows what it must be thinking?

IMG_0917 (2)

That’s just what was missing from our life today!

So now, my head has to focus on getting this right!

31 thoughts on “Where’s The Reset Button??

    1. Well that’s going to be hard now Ribana, can’t use the oven to cook the chicken till l get this plastic off the floor, any suggestions? 🙂

      1. You can treat it like gum, ice it and then scrape it off. Probably will leave marks though depending on flooring. If it’s wood, it will go back to original look in time

        1. Hey Cheryl the four splodges are on the oven floor, l have just filled some bags with water and put into the freezer to act as ‘ice bags ready for that’ later on when they are frozen 🙂

    1. Hey Cheryl, oh yes, this house has a freedom of air now from the back to the front and from the left to the right, every window in the house is open, all doors too. The smell has mostly 95% gone now thankfully – Scrappy and l are at the back of the house right next to the garden [open ] door and all windows open. We are good. Thankfully, when it was going on, l put madam into the conservatory with the open door, shut her into that room – she had access to the garden and starting running around opening all doors and windows to not stress her and have her follow me as she is prone to doing.

  1. Oh No! I am so sorry this happened to you. I do think that when things like this happen rather than being able to go back and start over it is best just to deal with it and move on. We all have these types of screw ups happen and hopefully learn from them. Hope your day gets better.

    1. Hey Ruth, well Suze has some kind of magical organic spray which she sprayed on the splodges and they have come off and hey presto further it seems that whatever this stuff is, by this time tomorrow it might well be fixed 🙂

  2. Oh no JB! The universe seems intent on pushing you into the “absurdly ridiculous” realm of unpleasant events.
    Yes, scrape after it cools, then slightly warm any residual to wipe up. Like candle wax.
    Maybe boiled chicken, in a big pot with LOTS of water, for madame’s meal?

        1. Yes it is, we managed to get the splodges off but the damage beneath not just plastic splodges but pyrex splodges is bad. So l decidecd this evening to buy a new oven. Luckily it is an inbuilt oven, and whilst it’s an expense we don’t need, we need to sadly replace the oven because of the damage itself.

  3. You and my roommate should get together and share experiences like this one.
    Heck, Last week my roommate left the oven on ALL NIGHT LONG! 11 hours of unbearable heat. We’re luck she didn’t burn the damn house down.
    I’ve told her she’s not allowed to use the appliances after I go to bed. 🙄

      1. I take my OCD as a blessing sometimes… I double check stuff all the time. It might be annoying to my roomate, but at least I don’t almost burn the house down. LOL!
        Hey, shit like this happens to the best of us… We all have so much on our minds and our minds are racing 100 MPH. We just have to be diligent and take our times. 😉 😊

    1. Hey Carol Anne 🙂 Yeah, finally we got the oven fixed and l had to microwave oven her chicken for the week, but a lesson in concentration learned 🙂

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