Dear Blog – 00.39 – 22/07/19

The Quiet Moments of the Day

I am knackered, l am not far short, perhaps 30 minutes hopefully of retiring for the night, just need to get a couple of post dated posts prepared for later on this morning. Then l am ready for bed.

I am achy, shoulder is not in the best place, and l didn’t really do much hard graft today, l am not saying l didn’t do any lifting, but Suze ever mindful of my shoulder didn’t want me doing heaps. But the small amount l did do today, or rather yesterday is slowly and most assuredly catching up with me. Making matters worse, the last of my tramadols expired on Saturday, and although l am weaning myself off the damn things – despite having got to four per day, l ran before l could walk and came off them when they expired and moved to co codamol – bad move, heavily apparent now.

But the co-cods have screwed up my stomach somewhat which doesn’t make me happy either ha ha, yep Mr Muppet here, should have listened to Suze and ordered some earlier in the week. But l am just sick to the back teeth of them all now, sick to the back teeth of bloody tablets, but l am learning the hard way, that my positivity as good as it is, doesn’t help if l have exerted myself as l have done, and now l am feeling the after shocks of my stupidity! Combined with stomach pains from the co-cods – awesome!

Got a lot done, but it’s not completely finished yet, but by next weekend maximum, l will be out of here and in the smaller room completed. Then we can start on Suze’s room.

Had the call with the vet yesterday afternoon concerning Scrappy and the alternative medicines, with is basically Calpol 6+ basically a children’s medicine, and the realities of that. A thoroughly upsetting call designed even as gently as it was explained to be a mood dropper. If she rejects this, we have lost all options and that’s not me being negative just honest.

The UK doesn’t have vast experience with Gabapentin on dogs of Scrappy’s size, having used it in the majority on dogs the size of cats, plus when they did the calculations they realised that the initial prices they quoted were incorrect and in comparison it just works out as unecconomical to follow that route with no guarantee of success especially considering the doses Scrappy would need.

So then we had to have the end of days conversation, preparing for the end, not what you wanted to discuss on a beautifully warm sunny Sunday in the garden watching your best friend for nearly 16 years chasing a butterfly in one of her mad five minute moments, and you are fighting back your tears and trying to remain upbeat and positive.

However to try and end on a happier reflective moment, she is still here with us, and we will as a pack enjoy and have a great time whilst we can – who knows she may well have the upper hand and just love the sweetness of calpol and not reject it meaning that even if for just a shorter period more, we still have her in our lives.

I am optimistic, but l am also a pragmatist and a realist – but sitting here reflecting on the quieter moments when Suze is asleep and Scrappy asleep on the floor next to her bed, and being positive all l really have to concern myself with is terrible stomach cramps caused by the chemicals and a sore shoulder – what’s that quote? “The one thing l know about life, learned about life is it goes on.”

Dear Blog ……

12 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 00.39 – 22/07/19

  1. Good luck to both of you. I am allergic to most meds and the stomach thing is horrid. Maybe some milk before you take it? There should be some help from the docs on that. Feel better!

    1. Hey – you have come up as Someone which l guess is WP playing silly buggers again, it’ll take a couple of days to sort this, it’s purely the wrong tablets, it’s my own fault, too keen to stop taking them, realising that the body is not yet ready. Now if the NHS would just get on with getting me some physiotherapy, that would be welcomed 🙂

      Can’t have everything though eh 🙂

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