Dear Blog – 12.58 – 22/07/19

One of those weeks!

I keep forgetting that Suze has only been back from Australia for a week now. She came back last Monday after 17 days away down under visiting her daughter, son in law and the grandkids. This time, like November last year she came back unwell again, proving without a shadow of a doubt that her health isn’t brilliant. She spent the majority of her time away – away – as in instead of allowing jet lag and the likes of whatever to settle back into UK time, although she was off for Tuesday, she was back at work full time on Wednesday.

Australia is by no means an easy flight from the UK, even with a stop over. It’s a draining and gruelling journey comprising all told, and more so the way Suze does it basically sitting down for nearly 24 hours. The other alternative to that would be to enjoy a longer stop over, but Suze is always eager to get to her destination, so once she gets onto the UK flight, her main motivation is to get to Australia as quick as possible, so longer middle stop overs are not a feature.

But of course, what is it November to July, 8 months. Twice to Australia and back home again, and harder for reasons like poor health as well as neither of us are as young as we once were. Suze is 18 months older than l am, and will be 58 this October So combine an ageing body with poor health, a lowered immune system and a long journey that is a lot of expectation to place on yourself.

24 hours in the air for a younger healthy body by itself  would be a task master anyway. But hey she is back now, and unwell and struggling with some kind of cold cough – can’t be easy.

But her return threw me out of a sequence l was working on with regards Time Management, and whilst l loved having her home again, whilst she was away, and l was undisturbed and able to tweak this, and twonk that and so. With her back, my plans went a bit squiffy. However, not a problem, l will treat the previous time as a pilot trial, and start afresh from this week.

Of course last week was one of those combination weeks of both elation and misery, especially with the weight around our necks of the disposition of Scrappy and just how poorly she really is, and how she copes with that to continue to be part of the loving pack. Dogs are remarkable animals, the truest companions to people.

It’s now up to Suze and myself to really hyperfocus on her health, we were already doing that, but now Scrappy has a pair of hawks watching over her every move. She is such a strong hardy animal that hardly ever complains, that it’s little wonder that at times you can forget that she will be 16 in November. That’s old for dogs of her size, it’s not an impossible age for dogs of that size as long as they are not hindered by poorer health.

Scrappy has developed problems since recovering from the IVDD – Intervertebral disc disease – it aged and started to really age her significantly and noticeably within a few months of recovery. Thought we were going to lose her then in 2017.  In 2016, she had the canerous growths successfully removed, last year she had that scare with the nodule on her lung, and of course also last year she was diagnosed with a spinal column malformation as a direct result of the IVDD presence. If that wasn’t enough then because of those injuries, arthritis settled in.

We were treating her with medications and she was still a very healthy happy dog. However in the last six months, l watched her arthritis increase, her limping being more pronounced and you watch these things and you know that despite being a hardy dog with a truck load of stamina, true grit and determination that maybe that time all owners dread might not be far around the corner.

Then we add into the mix, her anal gland pea sized lump of January and the list sadly in ageing dogs goes on and on, but you still have a happy albeing limpy dog until you learn that the pea has developed into a kumquat cancerous lump in the worse possible place even for a healthy dog.

I’ll not deny that Scrappy has an inordinate amount of my attention currently, when she is not walking but sleeping, she is so much healthier. We have started using pet remedy on her in the evenings now to dope and subdue her slightly and to have her with less stress and anxiety everytime someone moves in the house and she felt obligated to get back up from her lain position to follow, in turn causing her more problems physically!

But l feared long before last Saturday’s appointment and the confirmation of pea to bigger lump, would not be what took her away from us. I knew it would be her arthritis and crippling mobility situation.

But hey, l can say hand upon heart that l have done right by my friend, throughout all the years she has faithfully been by my side. Suze and l have been together for six and a half years, Scrappy and l nearly sixteen and Suze bonded remarkably with Scrappy, like two peas of a pod.  We both are holding feeling this. Thankfully Scrappy is not in absolute agony, and that is of course a blessing.

I talked to the vet yesterday and she is upset, like all the vets and hopes that the Calpol will do the job, especially to release some of discomfort away. If it does, well that’s brilliant news, and then we would have to face the other problem which will become an even bigger problem somwhere this year. I was touched by the knowledge that our vet practice had their vets and nurses stay on longer on Saturday to pull out all the stops and try and find a solution for Scrappy’s situation. Our vet practice has been one of the biggest saving graces we have had in our lives, and l cannot knock them for all of their efforts when it comes to Scrappy.

The Calpol could work as long as Scrappy doesn’t detect it and refuse to eat. Because it is a human solution and not an animal one, we are all scraping the barrel here and having to treat Scrappy like she is a child, which let’s be honest, and all domestic dog and cat owners would say the same, that these animals are basically our furry children. Dogs and cats especially have this ability to become very much accepted and loved by the home.

Calpol could have side effects, being the liquid it is and for humans and not animals, could bring the squits or loose bowel with it, then you  are facing a potential of dehydration problems. However, we don’t know. Suze is picking it up today from the chemist – so we will know soon enough. We can’t do anything more except wait and watch.

In so far as the world of positivity, where am l today? out of 100% l am probably 50/50% at present which is way better than this morning’s  30/70%. I had a hell of a night, but have learned my lesson. My new tramadols will not be available until Wednesday, and l have decided to not keep taking the co-cods because of my stomach, l will just use the Deep Heat spray every now and again and not take any tablets till Wednesday.

Well here we are on Monday afteroon, and once more l am seriously behind of everything, hey ho, such is life. I’ll catch up, eventually!

So here we go, let’s start on another week! See if l can do better with this one!

Dear Blog ……

13 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 12.58 – 22/07/19

  1. You’ve been dealing with terrible pain but still finding joy in life. I’m not surprised that your companion of 16 years is doing the same.

    The recycled air on planes (and office buildings) is horrible for even healthy immune systems. I hope Suze is on the mend soon!

    The universe likes to take our plans and toss them to the wind. What can we do but get up, dust off and move forward? I’m hoping the universe looks to someone else’s plans this week, and gives you a break.

  2. I hope calpol works for Scrappy. Meanwhile I like your practical and pragmatic approach. Stay strong and positive.

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